10 Cane Rum Review

10 Cane Rum
Similar to cachaca, 10 Cane Rum is distilled from sugar cane and it is a fantastic base for cocktails. © 10 Cane Rum

Update August 5, 2015: As of this update, it appears that 10 Cane Rum is no longer produced and has been discontinued.

Unlike most rums, which are produced from molasses, 10 Cane Rum begins with fresh pressed sugar cane grown specifically for the purpose in Trinidad. The result is a very clean, airy, yet velvety rum, best compared to an aged cachaca.

For the $30 price, 10 Cane is a great deal - one that imparts an air of class and excellence in a fine spirit without breaking the bank.

The Review

When I was introduced to it, 10 Cane quickly became one of my new favorite rums because it is not overly sweet like many others. This makes it perfect for cocktails, especially if you're going for a sweet, but not too sweet, drink.

Overall, this is great rum with all of the aspects one would look for in the spirit and it begs to be mixed. Try this one out in a Daiquiri, Mojito, Between the Sheets, or even an Anejo Highball; in any rum cocktail where a medium-bodied rum can shine without being covered up by too many flavors.

Tasting Notes:
The nose is luscious and inviting, with notes of pear and apple along with hints of vanilla and caramel. The sweet, warming and velvety palate is everything a good rum should be and has an underlying taste of honey and citrus. The finish is long and portrays pure sugar cane to perfection with a sweet, oaky snap.

10 Cane Rum Cocktails

More About 10 Cane Rum

  • Rum produced in Trinidad from fresh, first-pressed sugar cane.
  • Distilled in small batches in French pot stills and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.
  • Imported by Moet Hennessy USA, New York, NY
  • 40% alc/vol (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $30/ 750ml bottle