10 Minutes or Less Recipes

Fried Salmon Fillets
Fried Salmon Fillets Jim Norton / Getty Images

For recipes ready in 10 minutes or less, you need to use convenience foods or use as few ingredients as possible. These recipes are a little of both! Whether you're combining a few outstandingly fresh ingredients for a simple pasta or cooking fish with a tangy glaze, these recipes will come to the rescue when you literally do not have much time in the kitchen.

In order to prepare food quickly, have your personal mise en place in good shape, read through the recipe before you begin, then enjoy the process. If you don't prepare these recipes in exactly 10 minutes, that's okay. You're still feeding your family very well in a very small amount of time.


  • Salmon sandwich: Any cold or hot grilled sandwich can be prepared in a few minutes when you have some sandwich fillings prepared in the fridge. Each of these recipes will last for a few days, so make a couple and you'll be eating in about 600 seconds!
  • Honey orange fish fillets: Once you've removed the zest and juiced the orange, this easy recipe is ready to cook. We love the combination of orange and lemon with tender and moist fish fillets.
  • Pesto pasta: Refrigerated basil pesto is one of the best buys in the supermarket. It's fresh and delicious and perfect for everything from a sandwich spread to a simple pasta sauce. With some fresh tomatoes, this recipe is a winner.
  • Crispy grilled chicken: Your trusty indoor grill comes to the rescue again with this wonderful recipe. The coating takes about 3 minutes to assemble because you start with packaged dry bread crumbs and dried herbs.
  • Glazed salmon fillets: This simple four-ingredient recipe is so delicious. You can use a used seafood cocktail sauce as the base for the glaze because it works well with all seafood—not just shrimp!
  • Wrap sandwiches: Once some chicken, a tomato, and green pepper are chopped, just it into a tortilla and you can be on your way with lunch in hand.
  • Pasta with garlic and cheese: This quick and easy five-ingredient recipe pairs pasta with garlic, cheese, and fresh herbs.