18 Best Vegan Snacks

Vegetable Chips Recipe

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Sometimes you just can't make it until lunch or dinner without needing something to munch. Quick and easy snacks can also be healthy. We've gathered our best effortless snacks, from dips to chips to bars, and they're all vegan. Some are so quick that you can whip them up at a moment's notice, while others are great for making ahead and enjoying whenever you like.

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    Crispy Chickpeas

    Crispy chickpeas

     The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Turn a couple of cans of chickpeas into a crunchy, crave-able spiced snack. You'll want to make a big batch of crispy chickpeas since they're sure to be a hit with the whole family, and they keep for days in a container.

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    Vegan, Gluten-Free Baba Ganoush Without Tahini

    Vegan, gluten-free baba ganoush without tahini

    The Spruce / Anastasiia Tretiak

    Baba ganoush is a delicious dip made of slow-roasted or grilled eggplant that happens to be vegan. It's smooth and creamy and a little smoky. Adjust the lemon, garlic, and spices to your taste, and make a batch ahead of time for an easy last-minute snack. Serve with pita or pita chips.

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    Oven-Roasted Peanuts

    Oven-roasted peanuts

    ​The Spruce / Diana Chistruga 

    Roasted peanuts are a favorite snack for a good reason. They're simply delicious, easy to make, high protein, and vegan, too. Leave them plain or toss them with salt or spices before serving. For a simple trail mix, add some dried fruit, like cranberries or raisins.

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    Instant Pot Applesauce

    Homemade applesauce from the Instant Pot

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Applesauce is always a family favorite, and the vegan sweet treat is a cinch to make in a pressure cooker. Combine the ingredients, then set it and walk away. Make a big batch ahead of time and stash it in individual servings in the fridge.

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    Homemade Vegan Soft Pretzels

    Homemade vegan soft pretzels

    The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    Few things are as delicious as homemade soft pretzels. Make these as a fun Sunday project with the kids and then enjoy them during the week. They're delicious plain or served with sweet or spicy mustard for dipping. If you're not in the mood to twist and shape them, cut the dough into pretzel bites instead.

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    Easy Vegan Bruschetta

    Easy vegan bruschetta recipe

    The Spruce

    If you're lucky enough to have access to ripe and juicy summertime tomatoes, turn them into bruschetta. The Italian snack takes only moments to make, and the tomato topping will keep for a day or two in the fridge. Add the fresh basil just before serving.

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    Easy Black Bean Salsa

    Black bean salsa

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Full of healthy protein and veggies, black bean salsa takes just about 15 minutes to make and tastes great as a leftover, too. Add more or less jalapeño depending on your tolerance for spice and serve with your choice of chips.

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    Vegan Thai-Style Spring Rolls

    Vegan Thai-style spring rolls

     The Spruce

    Spring roll wrappers, cooked noodles, and some crispy vegetables are all you need to make homemade Thai-style spring rolls. You can prep the ingredients ahead of time and wrap them up just before serving alongside a tasty dipping sauce with soy sauce.

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    Toffee Popcorn Balls

    Toffee popcorn balls

    The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    Toffee popcorn balls are a sweet treat that really hit the spot when you have the afternoon munchies. Make them ahead of time and enjoy them all week long. Make sure your chocolate is dairy free to keep this snack vegan.

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    Vegan Cream Cheese Veggie Wraps

    Vegan cream cheese vegetarian wraps
    James Baigrie / Getty Images

    You only need five minutes to make these vegan veggie wraps using vegan cream cheese, a rainbow of vegetables, and flour tortillas. Featuring spinach, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and red onion, they're a flavorful and healthy snack on the go.

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    Vegan Olive Tapenade

    Vegan olive tapenade

    The Spruce 

    Olive tapenade is a dip that packs a ton of flavor without many ingredients and with very little effort. It comes together in just minutes and keeps well in the fridge. Serve with crackers or bread or spread on wraps or sandwiches.

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    Homemade Veggie Chips

    Vegetable chips

     The Spruce

    Use a mandoline to transform colorful root vegetables into crisp veggie chips. Quickly fried and sprinkled with salt and spices, this vegan snack is totally addictive. Make a big batch and stash them for when hunger strikes during the week.

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    Spicy Edamame (Soybeans)

    Spicy edamame beans

    The Spruce

    Edamame, also known as fresh soybeans, are quick cooking and healthy. Perfect for snacking, it's fun to pop the beans out of the bright green pods. A little sesame oil, garlic, and chile add zip to this simple recipe.

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    Banana Splits on a Stick

    Banana splits on a stick

     The Spruce

    Turn snack time into something special when you serve banana splits on a stick. Fresh banana, pineapple, and strawberries are arranged on skewers and dipped in chocolate and nuts for a fun treat. Make sure to use vegan chocolate.

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    Seeded Sourdough Crackers

    Seeded sourdough crackers

    The Spruce / Ahlam Raffii

    Use extra sourdough starter to make homemade seeded sourdough crackers. They're easier to make than you'd think and have a delicious flavor that pairs nicely with hummus or vegan cheese. Plus, they're whole wheat and full of protein-rich seeds.

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    Fruit Leather

    Fruit leather

    The Spruce / Kristina Vanni

    Homemade fruit leather is surprisingly easy to make; it just takes an oven and some time. This vegan version uses applesauce and pumpkin pie filling for a lightly sweet and fruity snack that will keep for several days and packs up great.

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    Easy Vegan Curried Hummus

    Easy vegan curried hummus

    The Spruce / Anastasiia Tretiak

    Curry powder, cumin, and turmeric add warm spice to this easy vegan hummus. All of the ingredients are added to a food processor or blender and combined until smooth for a quick dip. Serve with carrots, other veggies, or pita.

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    Grain-Free Energy Bars

    Grain-free energy bars

    The Spruce / Laurel Randolph 

    If you spend a chunk of change on energy bars at the grocery store, try making your own instead. They're easy, affordable, and you can customize the flavors and textures. This vegan, grain-free recipe uses dates to add natural sweetness and bind the mixture together.