Is 1800 The Ultimate Margarita Any Good?

It's Not a Real Margarita, but It Is One of the Best Bottled Margaritas

1800 Tequila's The Ultimate Margarita
Sweet, tasty, and the tequila's included, The Ultimate Margarita by 1800 Tequila is actually a darn good bottled margarita. Photo Courtesy: © 1800 Tequila

The makers of 1800 Tequila have added their silver tequila to a bottle of margarita mix for one of the few ready-to-serve margaritas that I can actually recommend. This is a nice bottled cocktail for a picnic, potluck, a last-minute get-together, or when you simply don't feel like standing behind the bar all night.

The Review

As far as pre-mixed cocktails go, 1800 The Ultimate Margarita is one of the best you'll find.

Like most drinkers, I usually avoid these mixes at all cost because it seems that the ingredients are thrown together to create the illusion of a finished cocktail. At times one wonders if anyone even tasted the mix before it was bottled. So I was delightfully surprised that this mix was enjoyable (although it will never replace my regular margarita).

Unlike many margarita mixes, the tequila is already in the bottle so there is no need for a second bottle. However, it is a little light on the tequila and my personal tastes would like a little more of that and a little less syrup.  In fact, you can see it in the bottle's alcohol content.

The 1800 Margarita Mix weighs in at a mere 9.95% ABV while the average shaken Lime Margarita can top 27% ABV. That's a big difference and we're not just concerned about how drunk you get. No, the proof can also let us know about the taste. In this case, we are missing some of that essential tequila flavor and getting more sweetened lime.

Overall the taste is as close to a freshly-made Margarita as you'll find in a bottle. In terms of quality and convenience in a single package, it's a good choice. It's actually one of the best choices if convenience is your primary concern.

For a small party of two to four people, the smaller 750mL bottle is perfect for 2-3 drinks on the rocks for each person.

If you plan on serving blended margaritas or more than 4 people, I would suggest buying the 1.75L bottle as the mix does not go far. Also, because it is so light and sweet, it is gone before you know it.

How to Drink It

You will want to shake or blend this margarita rather than pour it straight out of the bottle. A little dilution goes a long way to reducing the puckering sweetness and making it more drinkable. 

  • On the Rocks: Shake 5 ounces of margarita mix with ice and pour into a salt-rimmed margarita glass.
  • Blended Margarita: Blend 1 cup ice with 5 ounces mix, pour into a salt-rimmed margarita glass.

You might even want to add an extra shot of tequila, but that defeats the purpose. Honestly, if that's your intent, you might as well grab the lime and triple sec and make a margarita from scratch!

Flavor Options for The Ultimate Margarita

Since its launch in the early 2000s, The Ultimate Margarita has received a few makeovers and one of those is an expansion of flavors. While I have not tasted these personally, many drinkers do enjoy them. They are often noted for being a bit too tart or sweet and, again, a little dilution will help out with this issue.

1800 The Ultimate Margarita is now available in:

  • Original (lime with a hint of orange) - reviewed above
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry

About 1800 The Ultimate Margarita

One interesting note: When it was first released around 2006, this margarita mix clearly proclaimed that it was made with "100% blue Weber agave tequila." As of 2016, that distinction has been replaced with "premium tequila." What this means for the actually quality of the tequila inside, I cannot say for sure, but the change does raise questions.