20 Minute Recipes

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp Scampi.

The Spruce  

It's difficult for me to time recipes that I'm developing, because I'm used to cooking so fast. That isn't bragging - it's just true. At Pillsbury, I usually made 10-12 full recipes in about 7 hours. When my husband helps me in the kitchen, I usually finish my task and take over his.

At any rate, I do think that because there is little prep time for these recipes, anyone can make them in less than 20 minutes. Using frozen vegetables, prepared meats, mixes, and sauces can cut preparation time to about five minutes.

Be sure to read through the recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients (or good substitutes) on hand. And if you aren't experienced in the kitchen, don't rush! Just enjoy the process. You may not be ready to eat in 20 minutes, but you are still putting an excellent meal on the table with little effort. Enjoy.

Twenty Minute Recipes