3 Genius Game-Day Beer Cocktails

michelada beer cocktail
Martí Sans / Stocksy United

Hosting friends for game (read: pizza and nachos) day? Stir, blend, and squeeze your way to game-day victory with this winning trio of beer-centric cocktails. From refreshing frozen Beergaritas and savory-salty Micheladas, to funky, sweet-tart Edna’s Lunchboxes, there’s something here for every fan. These cocktails make beer drinking more fun. 


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    Edna's Lunchbox

    The Spruce

     ​An unusual combination of ingredients makes up this cocktail with an equally unusual name. Named for the bar in Oklahoma that serves it, Edna's lunchbox is equal parts beer and orange juice, plus amaretto. It's super quick and easy to mix up and may just be your new go-to. Don't knock it til you've tried it–just ask Jimmy Fallon.

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    The Spruce

     If you love bloody marys, (and even if you don't) you'll want to try the Michelada. Think of this cocktail as a less intense version of the classic tomato-based brunch drink. You can control the amount of spice that goes into your cocktail, being as heavy-handed (or not) with the hot sauce as you'd like. Full of savory spices and flavors, the Michelada will be your new favorite brunch cocktail.

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    The Spruce

     A good Margarita never goes out of fashion, but a good Beergarita is double the fun. Tequila and beer? Let's kick Taco Tuesday up a notch, shall we? The best part about this recipe is because they're frozen, you can make these drinks ahead of time for a party–just store them in the freezer until your guests arrive. Beergaritas make excellent summertime slushies too. Pour them into mason jars, add a straw, and cool off from the heat with these refreshing frozen drinks.