3 New Rum Drinks You Need To Try

Searching for a new boozy beverage crafted with rum? These 3 new daring rum cocktails pair rum with fruit, coffee, and even champagne. And they're definitely worth mixing up at home. Combine rum, grapefruit juice, and shaved ice and the Navy Grog will have you dreaming of the beach. And, if you like to drink your dessert, you’ll love the frozen Dirty Banana. Think of it as an adult slushie with a hint of coffee flavor. Finally, heighten your drinking experience with the Airmail. This...MORE delicious champagne creation adds a splash of bubbly to your rum of choice.

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    The Spruce

     The Navy Grog is a classic tiki drink made with three kinds of rum, grapefruit juice, honey simple syrup, and seltzer. This iconic drink was first served up by Don the Beachcomber in 1941, and is still found on many tiki bar and restaurant menus today. Grog cocktails (rum, water, lime juice, and sugar) were popular among sailors and pirates after it was first invented back in the 18th century.

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    The Spruce

     The Dirty Banana is a delicious and creamy shake spiked with rum, kahlua and banana liqueur. Add chocolate syrup for a true happy hour sweet treat. For parties, omit the alcohol for the kiddos, while the adults indulge in the full recipe.

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    The Spruce

     Transport yourself from work to happy hour with the Airmail cocktail. This famous drink was brought to life in 1949 Havana, Cuba, right around the time that airmail was the closest thing there was to present-day email. Now you can travel back in time with this delicious rum-champagne cocktail mixed with lime juice and honey simple syrup and topped with a lime twist.