Nutella Bites to Pizza Dip: 3 Recipes Every Cheese Lover Needs

If you’re a cheese lover, the only pleasure that rivals that of an untouched cheese plate is a cheesealicious recipe. And you just may jump over the moon for these ooey, gooey, and—there’s no denying it—rich recipes. From the slightly sweet and salty Nutella-brie bites to a decadent white pizza cheese dip and a never-fail four-cheese spaghetti, this tempting trio is easy to make, and even easier to love. 


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    White Pizza Dip

    The Spruce

    Planning a pizza party? This fun appetizer deconstructs a delicious white pizza pie and transforms into a baked dip that's perfect for laid-back snacking with family and friends. Serve with garlic knots, crostini, or your favorite kind of chip!

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    Nutella Brie Bites

    The Spruce

    This beautiful dessert blends the sweetness of Nutella with the savory flavor of brie, all encased in a buttery, flaky puff pastry shell. Though these little pastry pockets look super fancy and elegant, they take less than 20 minutes to prepare, which makes them a fantastically easy dessert to prepare for big parties!

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    Four Cheese Spaghetti

    The Spruce

    Do you want a side of spaghetti with your cheese? If cheese is one of your main food groups, this creamy pasta dish is the perfect dinner for you. Pick your four favorite cheeses and combine them with milk, flour and heavy cream for an indulgent and ultra-satisfying spaghetti dish in 30 minutes flat.