4 Goat Cheese Toasts

Sometimes you just need an easy win—and that’s what goat cheese toast was invented for. Your guaranteed path to wine-party success, goat cheese toast is the perfect vehicle for a range of sweet and savory flavors. From sweet (smashed berries; honey, walnuts, and thyme) to savory (bacon and avocado; lemon “ravioli” with artichoke hearts), here are four go-to goat cheese toasts. 


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    Smashed Blackberry and Goat Cheese

    The Spruce

    Reminiscent of a creamy berry cheesecake, this toast is a wonderfully sweet, tarty, and creamy way to start the day. Adding fresh mint is an unexpected but very worthwhile finish touch!

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    Bacon Avocado Goat Cheese Toast

    The Spruce

    This toast is all about balance. Take the tanginess of goat cheese, pair it with the creaminess of avocado, and top it all of with crispy, salty bacon. This toast makes an excellent savory breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

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    Ravioli-Inspired Goat Cheese Toast

    The Spruce

    For a savory start to your day, top your toast with ricotta, parmesan, and goat cheese, along with artichoke hearts for a breakfast that hints at all the tangy flavors of artichoke ravioli

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    Walnut Honey and Thyme

    The Spruce

    Taking inspiration from cocktail party crostini, this toast is an elegant breakfast or snack for any time of day. If you've never added fresh herbs to your toast before, you'll wonder why you never did.