10 Easy Whiskey Cocktails for the 4th of July

Celebrate the Fourth of July With an All-American Whiskey Drink

Summer is a great time to enjoy your favorite whiskey and the 4th of July is a perfect excuse for a party. Bring these two together and mix up a great whiskey cocktail for the celebration. From old-fashioned American originals to bright, modern creations, there's a simple whiskey drink waiting for you.

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    Whiskey Sour

    Whiskey Sour

    The Spruce

    This is an American classic. Good American whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and just a touch of sugar to round the flavors out make this a sure hit during a warm July evening. Even better, the whiskey sour can easily be batched. This allows you more time to enjoy the fireworks and your guests won't have to wait for another drink.

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    Mint Julep

    Classic Mint Julep Cocktails

    The Spruce / Claire Cohen 

    True bourbon enthusiasts know that nothing hits the spot on a hot day like a real mint julep. It's cool, refreshing, and there's no great mystery to making it. Simple enough to mix, with just bourbon, mint, sugar, and ice, the real key to this drink is selecting the right bourbon.

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    Lynchburg Lemonade

    Lynchburg lemonade in mason jars on a dark tabletop

    The Spruce 

    Fans of Tennessee whiskey will accept nothing else. While many drink it neat or mixed with cola, the Lynchburg lemonade is perfect for a warm summer night. You don't have to use expensive mixers and it comes together quickly.

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    French Quarter Smash

    Jason Rogers' French Quarter Smash Cocktail

    The Spruce / Jason Rogers

    Moonshine is as American as apple pie and this cocktail has a certain pie-like quality. It's a ton of fun and something truly unique to add to the celebration. Grab your favorite 'shine and pick up one of that impressive American brandy your local craft distiller perfected. Add a little blueberry, a hint of almond, and mint straight out of the garden. The French Quarter smash is sure to please.

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    New Old-Fashioned

    New Old-Fashioned Cocktail With Woodford Reserve
    S&C Design Studios

    The fruits of the summer take hold in a great twist on the classic old-fashioned. It fantastically easy and delightfully refreshing, what better way to enjoy your summer day? You'll want to scout out the ripest peaches and the best blackberries the markets have to offer. Muddle those up, top it with a great bourbon, then add a little sparkle. It's ideal for the barbecue.

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    Bacon Cherry Creek

    Natalie Bovis' Bacon Cherry Creek Cocktail

    Aleksandr Nakic / Getty Images

    What could be more American than a little bacon? How about adding bacon to a robust bourbon? While it's a little involved, it's worth the effort. Just make sure to plan ahead. Give yourself at least two days to get all those bacon juices into the whiskey. While you're waiting, mix up a custom cherry-cinnamon syrup for the bacon Cherry Creek and everything will be ready for your patriotic party.

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    Kentucky Kiss

    Kentucky Kiss Strawberry cocktail

    Alejandro Rivera / Getty Images

    The Kentucky kiss is oh so simple and a true summer delight. Few fruits scream summer like fresh strawberries and they're mighty fine against a bourbon background. Plus, making this cocktail could not be easier. Prepare the puree with the ripest berries, then shake everything together. It's another ideal candidate for a pitcher drink so there will be plenty to share.

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    Algonquin Cocktail

    Classic Algonquin Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    Another true American classic, the Algonquin cocktail is straight out of 1900s New York City. Rarely do we find pineapple and whiskey treated so well, but this one proves that it's a perfect match. The summery mix is simple and it has all that classic style we love. Better yet, the pineapple gives it a tropical flair. It's a perfect way to explore those great new American ryes.

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    Sweet Meat Cocktail

    Basil Hayden's Sweet Meat Cocktail Recipe

    Chris Gramly / Getty Images

    A southern delight, the sweet meat cocktail is the peachiest bourbon cocktail you'll find. With just three ingredients, it's easy and everyone at the picnic is sure to be impressed. The key ingredient to this mix is the peach pecan water. You'll roast pecans in the oven, add them to boiling water with honey and peaches, and let the mix brew. Really, it's that simple.

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    Seven and Seven

    Seven and Seven Mixed Drink

    The Spruce

    An all-American drink that's also budget-friendly and refreshing? You'll find it all in the seven and seven. It's one of those whiskey highballs that never goes out of fashion and you can pick up the ingredients almost anywhere, which is why this '70s drink remains a hit.