A Fun, Festive Hanukkah Menu

​If you're entertaining for Hanukkah, chances are good that latke frying is at the top of your mind. So what else do you serve with those much-loved potato pancakes? If you're taking the time to fry a big batch, you deserve a break with the rest of the menu. These crowd-pleasers will do the trick, and let you enjoy the party, too!

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    Curried Sweet Potato Latkes (Pareve)

    curried sweet potato latkes

    Miri Rotkovitz

    Who says you have to stick to plain old potato pancakes? Sweet potatoes make a nice change from Russets, and these vibrant latkes get a big flavor boost (and a touch of heat) from curry powder and coconut milk. They’re great with homemade applesauce, but you could also take a cue from their Indian inspiration and offer mango chutney as a topping.

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    Brisket with Mango Barbecue Sauce

    bbq mango brisket

    Lauri Patterson/Getty Images

    Cookbook author Ronnie Fein puts a new spin on the classic brisket by infusing her kicky barbecue sauce with fresh mango, ginger, and a touch of jalapeño. Because it's cooked slowly at a low temperature, you'll need to allow several hours to make this brisket. But the hands-on prep time is minimal, and you'll be rewarded with tender meat that will feed a crowd. 

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    Rainbow Slaw

    rainbow slaw

    Miri Rotkovitz

    A saucy, savory brisket practically calls for a crunchy, vinegary side like this Rainbow Slaw. Toasted sesame oil, tamari, and ginger enhance the delicious dressing. You can make the slaw a day or two ahead if you prefer a softer-textured salad with a mellower flavor. 

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    Green Beans with Pecans and Date Syrup

    Green Beans with Pecans and Date Syrup

    Miri Rotkovitz

    After a quick saute with garlic and olive oil, these vegan Green Beans with Pecans and Date Syrup are tossed with toasted nuts and a drizzle of date syrup, (also known as date honey, or silan). The result is more savory than sweet, and totally delectable. 

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    Lemon Sorbet With Olive Oil

    Lemon Sorbet
    France Ruffenach/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    If you're frying up latkes, you shouldn't have to head back to the kitchen to make sufganiyot (Israeli jelly doughnuts) – or anything else that requires last-minute prep, for that matter. Local Foods Expert Molly Watson's Lemon Sorbet With Olive Oil is the perfect do-ahead solution. 

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    Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies (Pareve)

    Pareve Sugar Cookies

    Miri Rotkovitz

    Want a little something to go with the sorbet? Try these simple, dairy-free sugar cookies, Slice the dough icebox cookie-style, or, if you're feeling fancy, roll it out and use cookie cutters to make Hanukkah shapes.