What Is a La Parrilla?

Grilled Chicken
Michael Phillips / Getty Images

A La Parrilla is barbecued or charcoal-grilled meat. It is also known as a la brasa. In Spanish, la parrilla refers to a BBQ grate, and la brasa means a live or hot coal. Most people make pollo a la rasa, which uses chicken.

Pollo a la Brasa is also known as Peruvian chicken in the United States. The meal originated in Lima Peru, and can also be called blackened chicken or rotisserie chicken. It is barbecued chicken cooked over coals.

A Swiss man came up with the cooking technique in the 1950s, which involved marinating the chicken in a saltwater marinade, or salamuera. Then it is cooked over a slow fire on algarroba coals. The rustic nature of the chicken cooking involved manually turning the chicken on a metal spit, continuously, over the heat—a time-consuming job for the cook.

Thanks to the creation of automatic rotisserie equipment, the process of cooking chicken (or any other meat) this way has become much easier. The popularity of the cooking technique has exploded globally and is used in several other cultures and countries.

It can be cooked with popular spices found in Spanish cuisine, such as garlic, paprika, saffron, laurel, and cayenne pepper.

Spanish Chicken Recipes

You may notice some of those ingredients in these Spanish chicken recipes. Here are a few other recipes that incorporate signature Spanish tastes and chicken, which is called pollo in the Spanish language.