5 Peanut Recipes to Try Using African Recipes

Cornmeal porridge with peanut butter recipe

The Spruce / Diana Chistruga

One thing the Portuguese brought back to Africa from South America was peanuts. Often referred to as groundnuts, this nutritious plant-based source of protein was transplanted in West Africa and it became such an important food that the food culture was yet again transported across the Atlantic during the trading of enslaved people. Today the importance of peanuts in African cuisine from the West, Central, Southern, and to the East of Africa is unrivaled as it is such an affordable source of protein.

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    Ghana Peanut Butter Soup

    Peanuts in Shells

    The Spruce / F. Muyambo

    This famous and much loved Ghana peanut butter soup can be made with as little or as much peanut butter as you like. It is known in the local Twi language as nkatenkwan and can be made with meat or chicken.

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    The Spruce / F. Muyambo

    Binyebwa is the national dish of Uganda, often served alongside matoke, a green and starchy boiled banana. The traditional sauce is made from red groundnuts and can be eaten on its own with a little onion and salt, or with added vegetables and salty fish.

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    Peanut Butter in Porridge (Bota Une Dovi)

    Cornmeal porridge with peanut butter recipe

    The Spruce / Diana Chistruga

    Cornmeal porridge is the go-to breakfast in most African countries and is made in a variety of ways including peanut butter in porridge. It can be fermented prior to cooking, other grains such as sorghum or millet can be used, it can also be cooked in milk, or if plain, sugar and peanut butter can be added. This is a common practice in Zimbabwe.

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    Mutakura - Peanuts and Bambara Beans

    Bambara or Jugo beans

    Mutakura is a highly nutritious dish from Zimbabwe made with peanuts and bambara beans, otherwise known as round nuts. There are many variants of this dish across Southern and Central Africa. Yet the common streak is that it is a popular dish in many boarding schools across Sub Saharan Africa.

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    Biltong Stew

    African biltong stew recipe

    The Spruce / Jess Masanotti

    Biltong has by far become somewhat of an expensive delicacy yet in the past biltong was made as a way of preserving meat. Biltong stew is, therefore, a very traditional dish in many parts of Southern Africa.