7 African Recipes Vegans Will Love

 African cuisine has not always been linked with vegetarian or vegan diets and lifestyle choices. The idea that vegan or vegetarianism is unfamiliar to African culture is far from the truth. Have a look at these naturally vegan African cuisine recipes.

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    Fried Bean Cakes

    Koose and sweet pepper sauce
    F. Muyambo

    Bean cakes are better known as koose or akara in West Africa. A version of them can even be found in parts of Brazil, where they are known as acarajé and filled with salsas and other fun fillings.

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    Garam Masala Spiced Rice

    Pilau rice garnished with toasted cashews
    F. Muyambo

    Pilau rice is the most loved rice dish in East Africa. It stems from the influence of Indian traders and settlers, however, East African pilau rice is made in its own special way. Try adding some toasted cashews to your pilau to give it a boost of protein.

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    Lentil Bobotie

    Vegan bobotie

    Bobotie is South Africa's national dish, normally made with minced beef, but now even vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the spicy sweetness this dish brings.

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    Spicy Millet Porridge

    Hausa koko with evaporated milk and koose
    F. Muyambo

    Hausa koko is a grain porridge often made from millet flour. It is spiced with chilies, cloves, and ginger. It also has a sour taste owing to the fact that the grains are often fermented before making the porridge. Adding pepper and spices to porridge is not unique to West Africa though. In Tanzania, a version known as uji wa pilipili manga is often eaten during Ramadan. Try it with a dollop of coconut cream.