What to Do With Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Not just for sandwiches—think breakfast and dessert!

Cranberry sauce with orange zest in small bowl & on spoon
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The post-Thanksgiving or Christmas sandwich may be more anticipated than the actual feast itself: piles of leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, even stuffing and mashed potatoes, smooshed between two slices of bread moistened with a little gravy. But maybe you want to branch out, get a little more creative, and integrate your leftover cranberry sauce into something new.

Whether you have whole berry cranberry sauce or something a little special such as cranberry-orange relish, you can substitute...MORE it for the fruit in many desserts and breakfast dishes. Here are a handful of ideas so you'll never wonder what to do with leftover cranberry sauce again. You may like these recipes so much that you decide to make several batches of cranberry sauce and then freeze some for later—there's no reason to restrict your cranberry consumption to the holidays!

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    French Toast Casserole
    Stephanie Gallagher

    Similar to a bread pudding, this blueberry French toast casserole is easily adaptable to including cranberry sauce. A syrup made of brown sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, and butter is spread on the bottom of a pan and then it is layered with bread cubes and cranberry sauce. This soaks in an egg mixture overnight, is dusted with cinnamon sugar, and is baked until puffed up and golden brown. 

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    Cranberry Labneh Dip
    Anita Schecter

    You might not think about incorporating cranberry sauce into savory dishes, but the combination of tangy-sweet and tangy-savory is a pleasant surprise. Labneh is a Middle Eastern soft cheese made from straining yogurt. By using leftover cranberry sauce, this recipe is quick and easy—all you need to do is let the salted Greek yogurt drain for an hour and then swirl the cranberry sauce into it. The perfect holiday appetizer served with crackers.

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    Raspberry/Cranberry Bars
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    Leftover cranberry-orange relish (or whatever type of extra cranberry sauce you may have) transforms into a pleasantly tangy bar cookie with this easy recipe. A sweetened oat mixture is sandwiched around the cranberry sauce and then baked into bars. Delicious with a scoop of ice cream.

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    cranberry orange bread pudding
    Diana Rattray

    This is a great breakfast or dessert treat when you're short on time and didn't plan the night before to let the bread soak in the egg mixture. You simply mix bread cubes with the leftover cranberry sauce, cover with a creamy egg mixture, let sit for five minutes, and bake until set. Delicious drizzled with a vanilla or whiskey sauce. 

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    Easy Smeezy Apple Muffins
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    This recipe calls for apple pie filling which you can easily substitute with your leftover cranberry sauce. These muffins begin with a boxed cake mix, but adding the fruit and sour cream will make you think you are eating a muffin. The perfect recipe for those post-holiday mornings.

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    Basic Crepes
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    Crepes sound fancy, but once you master the simple technique, you can turn them out in your own kitchen like a pro. Their versatility means you can serve them as breakfast or dessert, a light lunch, or an afternoon snack, depending on whether you fill with sweet or savory. Roll-up a few crepes with your leftover cranberry sauce to create a little holiday goodness.

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    Warm and Tasty Oatmeal Crisp
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    We all love a good apple crisp, but how about a cranberry crisp? A super-quick and easy recipe using leftover cranberry sauce and instant oatmeal, this is the perfect warm, comforting breakfast or dessert you can make in a flash. Simply pour the cranberry sauce in the bottom of a baking dish and sprinkle over the flavored oatmeal mixed with flour and nuts.