Albarino (White Wine): Flavor Profile and Food Pairings

food pairings for albarino wine

Illustration: Michela Buttignol. © The Spruce, 2019

Albarino is the primary white grape grown in Spain's coastal Rias Baixes wine region. It is a lovely, albeit quirky white wine grape that makes highly aromatic white wines with fantastic acidity. Food-friendly and perfect for enjoying in hot weather, Albarino is fresh wine with a crisp dry finish. Made to be enjoyed young, this grape shows best in the first year or two. 

Flavor Profile - On the palate you will typically be able to identity apple, pear, and/or citrus nuances in Albarino based wines.

Food Pairings - These wines are made to be consumed young and go extraordinarily well with many appetizers, Cajun fare, poultry, shellfish and grilled fish.

Producers to Try:


Martin Codax




Cambíata Monterey

Adega Eidos