Alberta Fruits and Vegetables

What's in Season in Alberta?

Wild Saskatoons
Saskatoon Berries. Brian Kennedy/Getty Images

The Alberta growing season is relatively short, but many farmers use hoop houses, greenhouses, and other methods of extending harvest time, so you may well find local cucumbers in November and other delightful oddities. In any case, winter storage and root vegetables can keep you in local produce all winter long. Availability will, of course, vary based on your location within the large province, as well as the specific conditions each season.

, July through October (this is the harvest season, with different varieties being picked at different times; since apples are storage-friendly you may well find local versions for months after harvest)

ASPARAGUS, May and June (the use of hoop houses can force these to emerge earlier in the spring, so keep your eyes open)

, July though September

BEETS, July through March

, July and August

BLUEBERRIES, July and August

BROCOLLI, June into October

, September through November (if you buy them at markets you may find them still on the stalk—while striking and convenient, take them off the stalk, wrap them loosely in plastic, and pop them in the fridge once you get home for the best storage)

, July through March

, July through March

CAULIFLOWER, July through September

, August and September


CORN, July into September

CUCUMBERS, July into September

, July through September

GREENS, June through October

LETTUCE, June through September (hot houses and other methods can greatly extend the lettuce-growing season, so if you see them at other times, be sure to ask)

, June through September

PEARS, August into October

, June through September

, July into September

, June into October (as with apples, potatoes are harvested over a fairly long spell, and then can be kept in cold storage even longer, so you may see locally grown potatoes available through the winter)

PUMPKINS, August into November

, June through August

, July into September

RHUBARB, June into August

, August through March

, July and August

STRAWBERRIES, June into September

TOMATOES, June into September

, August through March

WILD MUSHROOMS, spring into fall (foragers may bring these lovelies to market—which kinds pop up when depends greatly on the weather over the course of the year; if you know a forager, they're the ones to ask what to expect this season)

WINTER SQUASH, August through February

, July through September (the blossoms come into season a bit earlier—let farmers know you're interested in buying them, since sometimes they just get tossed!)