Local Foods in Alberta

Finding Great Local Foods In Alberta

Alberta has some amazing resources to help you eat more Alberta-grown foods. Find some essential resources below. Wondering about the rest of Canada? See the other Canadian Province Guides.

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    Alberta Fruits and Vegetables

    Brandywine Tomatoes. Photo © Molly Watson

    Knowing what's in season when is usually the first step to eating local foods. Learn what's in season when in Alberta with this guide to Alberta Seasonal Produce.

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    Alberta Farmers Markets

    Beets and Carrots at Market
    Beets and Carrots at Market. Photo © Molly Watson

    Not sure where the nearest or most convenient farmers market is? The Alberta Farmers Market Association has you covered with their Alberta Farmers Markets by County Listing.

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    Alberta Community Supported Agriculture

    CSA box Oct 5, 2001
    CSA box. Photo © Anne Zimmerman, used with permission

    CSA (community supported agriculture) is a fabulous way to eat locally and with the seasons. CSA Alberta is a site full of CSAs in Alberta – many, but not all, require some labor commitment and there are a range of share options and delivery schedules in Edmonton and Calgary, plus others throughout the province.

    Not sure about CSA? Learn what CSA is, as well as the benefits of joining CSA, and 10 things to consider when joining CSA to learn more.

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    Alberta Specialties: Beef

    Beef Cattle
    Beef Cattle. Photo © Walter B. McKenzie, used with permission from Getty Images

    Canadian beef is, in general, wonderfully flavorful. And Alberta is famous for its fabulous beef. Plenty of Alberta beef is feed-lot fattened, but truly pastured and grass-fed beef is raised in Alberta, too. Also, unlike beef from other provinces and the U.S., Alberta beef is often fed barley, which fans claim give Alberta beef its great flavor.

    Learn more About Beef Labels.

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    Alberta Specialties: Bison

    American Bison
    American Bison. Photo © Paul E Tessier, used with permission from Getty Images

    Bison (a.k.a. buffalo), native to the prairies of North America, are being slowly brought back to the plains of Alberta. Learn more at Bison Producers of Alberta.