Alcoholic Iced Coffee Drinks

Espresso Martinis, Icy Coffee-Rum Drinks & More

From espresso martinis to Kahlua popsicles, this collection of alcoholic iced coffee recipes can last you all summer.

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    Espresso Martini Recipes

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    This collection of espresso martini recipes includes an espresso martini with three kinds of coffee, various flavored espresso martinis (cinnamon, hazelnut, etc.) and more. All are served chilled, straight up.

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    B-50 Shots

    B-53 shot

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    B-50s are chilled shots that include Kahlua coffee liqueur. This collection of B-50 shots includes the B-52 (Kahlua, Bailey's & Grand Marnier), the B-54 (Kahlua, Bailey's & Tequila) and more.

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    Coffee Liqueur

    Cream coffee liqueur with ice cubes in a glass

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    Did you know that you can make your own Kahlua/Tia Maria-style coffee liqueur at home? It's surprisingly easy to do. Just infuse, sweeten and then serve it on the rocks or mix it as you would Kahlua or Tia Maria.

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    Spiked Coffee Milkshake

    Irish coffee

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    The name says enough; does it not?
    If you like this recipe, you might also like the more elegant (but equally sinful) Chocolate Mocha-tini, the ever-popular Mudslide, and the rum-based hard coffee milkshake.

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    Coffee Sambuca

    Shots of Sambuca

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    This traditional Greek recipe combines liquor with coffee beans for added flavor and a bit of luck.

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    This recipe ​is an easy, elegant coffee martini recipe made with coffee liqueur.