All About Arepas

Venezuelan and Colombia corncakes

Arepas are a staple food in both Venezuela and Colombia. They are corn cakes, made from a special precooked corn flour called masarepa (one of the most common brands of masarepa is called harina P.A.N., so some recipes simply call for that). These simple, satisfying corn cakes are delicious with butter or cream cheese for breakfast, or as an accompaniment to any meal. Arepas can also be split sandwich-style and filled with various fillings. There are many clever names for the most popular arepa sandwich combinations.

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    Basic Arepas

    Arepas. Marian Blazes

    A simple, most basic form of arepa, perfect for enjoying hot with cheese or butter.

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    Venezuelan-style Arepas

    Venezuelan-style Arepas. Marian Blazes

    Venezuela arepas tend to be thicker and are often stuffed with cheese or meat to make a kind of sandwich.

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    Arepas Con Huevo - Corncake and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

    Arepas con Huevo - Fried Egg Arepas. Marian Blazes

    These special breakfast arepas are the ultimate in breakfast comfort food. The corncakes are fried in oil, then split and filled with an egg and fried again until the egg is just cooked.

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    Traditional Hominy Arepas - Arepas de Maiz Peto

    Traditional Hominy Arepas - Arepas de Maiz Peto. Marian Blazes

    These arepas are made with hominy corn (maiz peto), which gives them a distinctive flavor, similar to grits.

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    Quinoa Arepas - Arepas de Quinoa

    Quinoa Arepas - Arepas de Quinoa. Marian Blazes

    The traditional Andean grain quinoa is added to the masarepa in these arepas, which gives them a delicious nutty flavor.