About Hamburgers

It's time to rethink American's number one meal.

Hamburger Patty of the Grill - Cooked
Regarding BBQ Inc.

I don't think there is any food more American than the hamburger. American's eat, on average, three hamburgers a week. And with a McDonald's just outside Red Square in Moscow, the hamburger has become the great American export. We eat them everywhere, but mostly on the run. It's hard to go more than half a mile in the United States without finding a drive up window ready to sell you a ready-made burger to eat on your way to anywhere. I think this is the reason we have lost our appreciation for this great sandwich.

The Hamburger can be a great meal for more than just the kids. Take some time to think about all the possibilities the hamburger presents. A pound of coarse ground beef, a half pound of ground sweet Italian Sausage, a couple cloves of garlic and a thick slice of feta cheese and you've made a hamburger that no self-respecting kid would eat and no adult would turn down. It's all in how you put it together.

Start with the patty. of course, everyone has had that marketing message pounded into your head, "all beef patty", but you can really use most anything. Pork, turkey, lamb or a veggie patty will start out your hamburger on the right path. Of course, beef is great too. Get the medium fat, coarse ground beef to make the perfect patty. Season with garlic, black pepper, and a touch of salt and you're ready to get that burger on the grill. But please don't fry it in a pan.

Once you've decided on the patty get ready to top it off. A good bun or large hard roll will make it easy to handle and a good selection of fresh fixings, like tomatoes, pickles, lettuce will take you a long way. Try feta or provolone cheese instead of cheddar. Depending on your tastes, there really isn't anything you can't put in a hamburger. Try fresh asparagus or a patty filled with green olives. Despite the number of hamburger restaurants out there, there are still a lot of variations that haven't been tried yet. Maybe you will find the next new burger craze. Be creative.