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All the Resources Needed to Make the Perfect Steak

 One of the easiest things to cook, yet the hardest to perfect, a great steak requires knowledge of cuts and grades, seasonings, methods of cooking, and how to top it to make the most of it. These resources expose all the secrets and provide unlimited ideas for flavors and techniques for making that perfect steak. 

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    Steak Grades and Cuts

    T-Bone Steak
    T-Bone Steak. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    A lot of cuts and called steak and while some will break the bank, there are ways to get the best steak that fits any budget. What all steaks should have in common is a rich beefy flavor and the ability to turn out perfect with the right preparation

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    Steak Glossary

    Rib Eye Steak
    Rib Eye Steak. Derrick Riches

    Before talking to the butcher (which is a must) brush up on steak names and select the perfect cut for the right meal. This is where you find out what needs a marinade and which one doesn't. While some steaks can take the full journey to well done, others shouldn't pass medium rare. Find out which is which.

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    Grilling Steak Step by Step

    Grilling Steaks Finished
    Grilling Steaks Finished. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    The secret to the perfect steak is paying attention and timing. The problem is that different methods and different grills can make it challenging. It takes practice and these basic steps to get that steak cooked just the way you want it, evenly and perfectly.

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    Steak Doneness

    Steak Medium Rare
    Steak Medium Rare. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Getting a steak done to perfection takes practice and experience, but this tutorial can help you get to the exact point you want with that steak. The first trick is knowing exactly how you like that steak, and then how to get it there without cutting it open to see.

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    Flat Steaks

    Chipotle-Tequila Flank Steak
    Chipotle-Tequila Flank Steak. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    These steaks may not be as tender as most, but they are packed with flavor making them perfect for so many dishes. The secret is to start with a great marinade and then grill them to perfection. These are steaks best cooked to no more than medium rare, but with proper care, they can be done any way you like.

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    Steak Flavors and Seasonings

    Skirt Steak with Seasonings
    Skirt Steak with Seasonings. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Knowing when to marinate and when not to, or when to season and with what, is half the battle of getting a great tasting steak. Some people will say that the perfect steak needs no additional flavors, but even if it is only salt (and the right kind of salt), all steaks need a little help.

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    Best Steak Recipes

    London broil

    Yes, there are steak recipes and these 10 are the best I know. Follow them exactly, or use them for inspiration. Either way, these are the recipes to start with. I promise that you will love the results.

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    Best Steak Topper Recipes

    Blue Cheese Steak Topper
    Blue Cheese Steak Topper. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Just because that steak has been grilled to perfection doesn't mean that the job is done. These steak toppers and butters are the perfect compliment to the prime grade rib steak or a choice grade chuck steak. Drop these on to a steak straight off the fire, piping hot, and let the flavors blend.

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    The Perfect Restaurant Steak

    Rest - Plate - Serve
    Rest - Plate - Serve. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    There is more to a great restaurant steak than a grill and a chunk of beef. The right cut, the right flavors, and a blazing hot cast iron skillet, yes skillet, are the ingredients behind all those restaurant steak secrets. Oh, and a pat of butter at the ends helps too.

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    Chuck Steak

    Chuck Steak Raw
    Chuck Steak Raw. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    The problem with a great steak can be its great price. Fortunately, the chuck steak is loaded with flavor and if it is prepared and grilled right it can be nearly as good as the most expensive steak at the meat counter.

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    Beef Tri-Tip

    Simple Grilled Tri Tip Steak
    Simple Grilled Tri Tip Steak. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Long one of the best kept secrets at the butcher shop, the beef tri-tip is flavorful and amazingly versatile. This cut can be bought as a roast or a steak, slow cooked with smoke or grilled hot and fast. Done right, this is a secret well worth knowing about.