All-Purpose Flour Bread Recipes

All-purpose flour bakes up a delicious loaf of bread

You don't need fancy bread flours to make a delicious loaf of homemade yeast bread or unyeasted quick bread. Here are ten yummy bread recipes you can make using all-purpose flour.

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    Lemon-Yellow Squash Quick Bread Recipe

    Lemon-Yellow-Squash Quick Bread. © Barbara Rolek licensed to, Inc.

    This easy quick bread recipe gets its bright flavor from lemon both in the batter and in the glaze, and it isn't greasy as some quick breads can be because butter is used instead of oil. 

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    Apple Cinnamon Batter Bread Recipe

    Baked bread pudding.
    annick vanderschelden photography / Getty Images

    Not too sweet, this belly warming bread is great for the colder months of the year. It also is a batter yeast bread and requires no kneading.

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    Orange Breakfast Bread Recipe

    Orange Bread

    This single loaf recipe is great for beginners! This easy yeast bread is flavored with brown sugar, orange zest, and orange juice. It's a great breakfast and snacking bread or for French toast.

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    Country Cinnamon Swirl Bread Recipe

    Country Cinnamon Swirl Bread
    Flickr CC 2.0

    This one-loaf bread recipe produces a slightly sweeter than regular white bread with an extra cinnamon flavor. The sugary cinnamon swirl that goes through the middle adds an extra punch to the bread.

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    Easy White Bread

    White bread
    Brian Yarvin / Getty Images

    This white bread recipe is the most versatile bread recipe you can find. Made with basic ingredients you can find in the kitchen, fruits and nuts also can be added to the bread dough to make your own unique loaf of bread.