Allyson Kramer

Allyson Kramer.

Allyson Kramer is a best-selling cookbook author, recipe developer, and food photographer specializing in vegan cuisine. She currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Allyson Kramer has written 3 vegan cookbooks, has over 17 years experience with vegan cooking, and develops plant-based recipes and shoots food photography for individuals and corporations. Kramer's work has been featured in numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, Vegetarian Times, and VegNews Magazine.


Kramer holds a degree in Fine Art and has taught numerous vegan cooking demos and spoken at conferences across North America.

Allyson Kramer

Hello! Welcome to Vegan Food at My specialty is in plant-based cuisine and it is also my passion--whether I'm researching different species of edible plants, or in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, vegan food is a part of my daily life. Join me as I share original recipes, articles, tip and tricks and so much more... all in the name of vegan food!

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