A Comprehensive List of Wire Grill Brush Alternatives

Clean Your Grill Grates Without Wire Brushes

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There is a growing demand for alternatives to wire brushes used for cleaning grills. Wire brushes have been known to damage porcelain coatings, get stuck on grill grates, and wind up in grilled food. These grill brush alternatives are innovative, effective, and capable of cleaning your grill grates. This list is in no particular order, so look for the one that best fits your needs.

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    The Great Scrape
    The Great Scrape. The Great Scrape

    There are two standard types of cleaning tools for grill grates: brushes and scrapers. Metal scrapers are not effective because they can chip or scratch porcelain coatings or the metal grates. This scraper is made from oak so it won't damage the grill. Using wood to clean a hot grill might sound strange, however, this is actually a useful tool. Over time it will actually conform to the shape cooking grates. This is a craftsman product and will require occasional coatings of food grade mineral oil to preserve the wood. The Great Scape requires minimal care and can last for many years.

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    Grill Wizard Grill Brush

    Grill Wizard Grill Brush
    Grill Wizard Grill Brush. Grill Wizard

    The Grill Wizard Grill Brush looks and works like any standard grill brush but instead of hard wire bristles, the brush uses replaceable metal scouring pads. There are a number of imitators of this product that simply ​don't work as well. 

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    Chargon. Chargon

    The Chargon is simple but effective. This tool cleans a single bar at a time and can reach around to get at the bottom of the cooking grate just as well as the top. It works best on round, rod type cooking grates. This is not a quick clean grate cleaner, but it is amazingly thorough and perfect for deep cleaning. Durable and well made, this is a useful tool for cleaning the underside of cooking grates without having to lift them out of the grill.

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    GrillBadger. GrillBadger

    The Grillbadger is an all-natural, recyclable grill cleaning brush made with natural fibers. This brush is not for use on a flaming hot grill since the bristles are combustible, but they are strong and nearly as dense as the metal alternative. If you are looking to replace your metal brush and continue using a brush-style cleaner, this is a sound choice. 

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    The Grillion

    The Grillion
    The Grillion. Product Prophet, Inc.

    An old trick to clean a grill is cut an onion half and use the cut side to scrub the hot surface clean. The moisture in the onion steams the surface clean while onion enzymes break down tough, grilled on food. The Grillion is based on this idea and comes with a special onion-cutting knife to give the onion grooves to fit the cooking grates. The cut onion is inserted into a handle, making it easier to hold than a fork with half an onion on it. This is a unique product that only works if you choose to clean your grill with half an onion. 

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    Grillstone Cleaning Block
    Grillstone Cleaning Block. Earthstone International

    Grillstone Cleaning Blocks look like pumice stones, but they are actually made from recycled glass. The work in a similar fashion as pumice. A Grillstone Cleaning Block is very good at getting tough deposits off cooking grates and is a useful product for serious cleaning. The manufacturer says that these stones (which are replaceable in the special handle) will ultimately conform to the pattern of the grill grates you use them on. This grooving takes a long time and will require conscious effort, especially if you have grates with a smooth finish.

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    Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Grill Brush
    Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Grill Brush. Char-Broil LLC.

    Most grate cleaning tools are used while the grill is hot. A grill cleaning brush that can take temperatures well over 600 F. Looking for an alternative, Char-Broil has produced a line of grill brushes that are designed to be used on a cool surface. This nylon bristle brush has thick, stiff bristles that work pretty well at clearing away food deposits from the grill surface. Used after cooking, while the grates are still warm, is more effective for this particular tool. These brushes are a viable alternative for those wishing to avoid metal brushes.

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    GrillFloss. Mpact Products

    Grillfloss is one of the most thorough grill grate cleaning tools on the market. It's a metal rod with a swivel mounted hook on the end that cleans not just the top of the grate, but all the way around. The limitation is that Grillfloss is designed for metal rod grates, typically of a heavy gauge, and while methodical, it requires that each rod is cleaned individually. This is the perfect product for a patient person with plenty of time who is serious about getting every bit of grime off of their cooking grates.

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