American Cooking Basics

Master the basics of American cooking, from techniques, like how to cook the perfect burger, to the equipment and terms you should know.
Ripe Tomatoes
How to Preserve Tomatoes
Bowl of Cherries
How to Remove Cherry Pits Without a Pitter
Plate of Oysters
How to Shuck Oysters
roasted beets
How to Roast Beets
Grill Peaches
How to Grill Peaches
illustration with steps on how to make mayo
How to Make Mayonnaise
Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
How to Make Soft or Crispy Cookies
Halloumi cheese
Halloumi Cheese
10 Tips for Perfect Burgers
Goose Eggs
Using Goose Eggs in Your Recipes
Barley risotto with champignon, feta cheese and coriander
Arborio Rice Substitutes for Risotto
Fresh Peaches
How to Peel Peaches
freezing cherries
How to Freeze Fresh Cherries
Grill Skirt Steak
How to Grill Skirt Steak
Whole and halved kumquats
3 Great Ways to Use Kumquats
What Is Oxtail and How Is It Used?
A pair of fried white fish
How to Pan-Fry Fish Fillets
Plated smoked salmon
How to Smoke Salmon
Halved avocado on tabletop
How to Keep Avocados From Turning Brown
Strawberries in a colander
Washing Strawberries
peaches on plate with knife
How to Store Peaches Perfectly After Buying Them
Sun-dried tomatoes
Sun-Dried Tomato Cooking Tips
Mashed Potatoes
Choosing the Best Potatoes for Mashing
Grilled swordfish
Cooking Swordfish
What Is a Pescatarian?
Illustration depicting three methods to steam green beans
Three Easy Ways to Steam Green Beans
cutting strawberries and placing them into boxes
The Best Ways to Store Strawberries
Walnuts on a foil-covered pan
How to Toast Walnuts
How to Steam Carrots
Illustration depicting how to steam broccoli
Three Simple Ways to Steam Broccoli
Turkey Gravy
The Basics of Making a Smooth Roux Gravy Rich With Flavor
Chart illustrating various substitutions for sour cream in recipes
Sour Cream Substitutions
Mussels In a Bowl
How to Cook Mussels
Full Frame Shot Of Challah Breads
Braiding a 3-Strand Challah
eggs and bean salad
A Vegan's Guide to the Slow-Carb Diet
Family with toddler baking
Butter Substitution Baking Tips
rinse the pinto beans and pick them over
How to Cook Dried Beans
Basket of lemons
Preserved Lemons
illustration showing simple fig recipes
22 Tasty Fig Recipes to Enjoy This Luscious Fruit
Raw vegan food preparation
What Is the Raw Vegan Diet?
Frying fish
The Best Oils for Cooking Fish
Raw Kernels of Wild Rice
How to Cook Wild Rice
illustration showing foods that contain hidden dairy
Foods that Contain "Hidden" Dairy
Young woman holding pan with vegan pasta dish
How to Go Vegetarian or Vegan
Herbs and spices
The Essential Pantry Spices List
Sliced peaches
Learn How to Perfectly Slice Peaches
Fresh Steamed Crab on the Table
How to Make a Crab Boil
Bacon Fat Grilled Cheese
How to Macgyver a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Any Situation
Hulled strawberries
The Easiest Way to Hull Strawberries
Morel mushrooms
How to Clean Morel Mushrooms
Selection of wines to go with seafood
Pairing Wine With Fish and Seafood
Fresh Head-On Carolina Brown on plateShrimp
How to Remove the Heads From Shrimp
A lobster with a pot of boiling water
How to Humanely Kill a Lobster for Cooking
Substituting Lentils for Other Foods
How to Toast Almonds at Home
Vegetarian and Vegan Hangover Cure Foods
red snapper fish
What Is Red Snapper?
Vegan Banana Bread
How to Convert a Loaf Recipe Into Muffins (and Vice Versa)
James Hemings: America's First Chef
Map Of Slavery Distribution In The United States
Seeds of Change: Fusion Foods of the African Diaspora