Anglo-Indian Recipes

Anglo-Indian food is the delicious result of the British Raj in India. Indian Khansamas (cooks) took aspects of British cuisine and amalgamated them with Indian methods of cooking, spices, ingredients to create Anglo-Indian Cuisine! There are soups tempered with cumin and red chilies, roasts cooked in whole spices like cloves, pepper and cinnamon, rissoles and croquettes flavored with turmeric and garam masala.... Over the years, Anglo-Indian cooking has become more Indian than British.

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    Anglo-Indian Beef Stew

    Anglo-Indian Stew
    Anglo-Indian Beef Stew. Image © Magdalena Niemczyk - ElanArt/ Getty Images

    Anglo-Indian Stew can be made with any meat and is a combination of both western and Indian flavors. This hearty, healthy one-pot meal can be eaten by itself or teamed with plain boiled rice. Beef stew is best made in a pressure cooker.

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    Mulligatawny Soup

    Mulligatawny Soup
    Mulligatawny Soup. Image © Jupiterimages/ Getty Images

    This delicious Anglo-Indian soup is a product of the British Raj in India. Mulligatawny is chicken soup flavored with Indian spices. Serve it with Basmati rice or with a chunk of crusty bread!

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    Country Captain Chicken

    Country Captain Chicken Curry
    Anglo-Indian Country Captain Chicken. Image © Frances Sutherland / EyeEm/ Getty Images

    This popular and easy to prepare Chicken dish has its origins in the British Raj in India. Why the strange name? In the 1800s, British trade ships in India were called 'Country Ships' and their Captains were known as 'Country Captains'. Country Captain Chicken was a popular dish at their tables and got its name through this association! Whatever the name, this is one easy and tasty dish to prepare.

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    Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style

    Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style
    Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style. Image © Shooter Howard/ Getty Images

    This Anglo-Indian dish combines a western concept with Indian ingredients. The result is, as my four-year-old son says, "Yummy in your tummy!" I like to serve Stuffed Roast Chicken Indian Style with Lachcha Paratha (flaky, layered Indian flatbread) Enjoy!

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    Mom's Tomato Chutney

    Tomato Chutney
    Tomato Chutney. Image © John Carey/Getty Images

    I love this simple, easy-to-prepare Chutney. My Mom usually serves it with Pulaos and Biryanis. It also tastes really good with Stuffed Parathas.