Anita Schecter

Both of Anita's parents spent some time in the Middle East and brought back a love of the culture and cuisine. She was raised on those foods and was usually eating hummus while her friends ate peanut butter and jelly. She maintains her love of Middle Eastern flavors and likes to joke that she bleeds tahini sauce.


Anita is a professional recipe developer and food photographer who has worked with many national clients. Her work appears on her blog and in several magazines and web sites. 


Anita learned to cook at her mother's side. A European immigrant who believed in from-scratch, wholesome ingredient cooking and who created recipes mixing her Russian/Polish heritage along with her husband's German roots and their shared love of the Middle East, she taught her daughter the meaning of good food, cooked well and served with love.

Anita Schecter

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it - Julia Child

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