Annie Burdick

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Annie Burdick
Education: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Annie is a word-obsessed writer and editor living in Portland, Oregon. She grew up immersed in cooking and food, and loves to write about it as a result.


  • She went on to get a B.A. in English and dedicate her career to words.
  • She now lives in Portland, Oregon and does all manner of freelance writing and editing, though a high percentage of her articles are about food, restaurants, and eating.
  • She's previously written for a variety of publications, including Eater, Taffeta, and the forthcoming "Llewellyn's 2021 Herbal Almanac," featuring a tasty article with lots of sandwich recipes.
  • She has also worked as a book editor, magazine editor, and social media manager.
  • Besides writing, she also currently does community inclusion and direct support work with disabled adults, another lifelong passion.



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