15 Fall-Tastic Appetizers

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Are you looking for yummy recipes for your dinners and parties, as the season changes to fall? Why not celebrate the best, cozy tastes of autumn with these fall-tastic appetizer recipes that make the most of the seasonal flavors. Whether you're planning an appetizer party or looking for new ideas for dinner table appetizers, we've got your fall recipe inspiration. Check out this winning round-up of delicious fall recipes that complement crisp weather, including comforting finger foods,...MORE elegant stuffed vegetables, savory dips, cheesy bites, satisfying salads and more.

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    This easy, elegant baked Brie recipe is sweet, salty, and absolutely perfect for fall entertaining. Your guests will ooh and ahh over this impressive yet easy-to-prepare appetizer, featuring the goodness of ripe fall apples smothered in a warm maple syrup and brown sugar sauce, all ladled over hot, melted Brie cheese. Serve it with crusty bread for the ideal fall party appetizer.

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    Figs are a rich, intensely flavored fall fruit that brings a touch of elegance to any food table. Sweet, meaty figs stuffed with savory, aromatic blue cheese are a flavor combination that can't be beat. Serve this delightfully decadent-tasting appetizer to guests as a first course at your fall parties and get ready for the compliments.

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    Dips are always welcome at a house party, whether your guests are mingling in the kitchen, or watching the football game. This savory, creamy blue cheese dip makes an ideal match for chicken wings, vegetable dippers, and crackers of all kinds. It also does double duty as a great burger topper or sandwich flavor enhancer. Score!

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    Add a Mediterranean flavor to your fall parties and gatherings when you serve this tasty, salty tapenade dip that's a perfect accompaniment for bread, crackers (and if you like, a glass of wine). Ripe, savory, briny olives combine with the heady flavors of garlic, capers, and lemon in this upscale party dip recipe.

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    Pears are at their best in fall when the fruit is at its peak. You'll earn raves when you serve this swanky, sweet and savory salad featuring pears at your parties this fall. Ripe, luscious slices of pear combine with salty, savory Gorgonzola cheese, nuts, dried fruits and salad greens tossed in a simple, homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing.

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    Mouth-watering, restaurant-style stuffed mushrooms are a welcome addition to any fall appetizer buffet or dinner table. Serve these savory, earthy, can't-eat-just-one stuffed mushroom caps, filled with a tasty mixture of Cheddar cheese, green onions and toasted fresh bread crumbs at all your fall potlucks and parties.

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    These delightful appetizers that combine the fall-tastic tastes of turkey and mashed potatoes are like Thanksgiving in a bite. Your guests will devour these breaded and lightly fried croquettes at all your autumn dinners and parties. Try serving them with cranberry sauce for dipping.

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    Cheese straws are a popular party appetizer that goes well with party dips and other dishes. They're super-easy to make at home with this simple, cheesy recipe that features a little cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce for a fun, surprising kick.

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    Cheesy, scrumptious Cheddar Bacon Puffs are airy little cheese puffs that are packed with loads of flavor. Bake this easy, fall-tastic appetizer recipe to serve at all your fall game day party gatherings, or freeze and reheat them anytime for a yummy family snack.

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    Watch your guests break into smiles when they see these bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizers on your fall party appetizer table. Easy to prepare and impressive to serve, you'll use this elegant, fall-tastic recipe again and again, from casual appetizer parties and TV-watching with friends, to house warming parties and special dinners.

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    Serve these restaurant-style jalapeno poppers at game day parties this fall. Hot little jalapeno peppers are stuffed with a creamy, cheese mixture, then breaded and fried for an irresistible party snack. Your guests won't believe they're homemade!

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    Savory, delectable fall squash makes a great appetizer in this fun party snack recipe. Enjoy this warm and comforting fall appetizer or snack with maple syrup or a savory dip to bring out its delicious, healthful flavor.

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    Fall with kids means pumpkins -- and figuring out what to do with the pumpkin seeds after the Jack O' Lantern is carved. Here's a foolproof, simple way to make use of the nutrient-dense seeds, which can then be added to your fall salads, or served on their own in place of mixed nuts at fall parties.

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    Ladle up the comforting taste of fall pumpkins when you serve this creamy pumpkin soup as an appetizer. Warm, filling pumpkin soup flavored with autumn spices makes a delicious and filling first course at dinner. Or, serve this warm soup in shot glasses on your buffet table, as a surprising, elegant party appetizer.

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    Here's a quick and easy appetizer recipe for your fall parties, featuring the classic, favorite flavors of stuffing. Guests will gobble up these spinach appetizer bites flavored with cheese, stuffing crumbs, herbs, seasonings, and cheese.