Apple Dessert Recipes

Apple desserts are a treat any time of the year. What can compare to the aroma of a homemade cinnamon-spiced apple crisp or pie?

Crisp, sweet varieties of apples are best for eating out of hand while others are best in baked goods. Some excellent baking apples include Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Braeburn, and Empire. Fuji is another good choice, and Gala is great for applesauce. McIntosh is a favorite for its flavor in pies, but it breaks down when cooked. Use it in pies and crisps...MORE along with sturdier apples, like Golden Delicious or Jonathan.

Apples are also versatile. You might try changing up the spices or adding a different flavor to your favorite apple cake or baked apples. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves are classic spices to use in apple desserts. And there's always the classic apple pie spice combination. Some complementary flavorings include lemon, Calvados or apple brandy, brown sugar, vanilla, maple syrup or flavoring, and caramel. 

Here are some popular desserts for apples, including cakes, cookies, cobblers, and pies.


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    Apple Crisp

    Best Apple Crisp
    Diana Rattray

     This apple crisp is made with a combination of Fuji and Granny Smith apples and a brown sugar and oatmeal topping. Use any good baking apples in the recipe, and add some chopped pecans to the topping if you'd like some extra crunch.

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    Apple Crumble Pie
    Diana Rattray

     This irresistible pie features a simple brown sugar and pecan crumb topping, so you can make it quickly with a frozen pie shell if you like. If you aren't a fan of nuts, replace them with oats for an ​apple crisp pie.

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    apple upside-down cake
    Apple upside-down cake on dessert plates. Diana Rattray

     This amazing apple upside-down cake starts with a rich and buttery brown sugar and apple layer with a simple cake batter topping.

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    Easy mini apple tarts with puff pastry
    Diana Rattray

     Squares of puff pastry, sliced apples, and an easy glaze make these fancy looking tarts incredibly easy.

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    Apple Crumble
    Apple Crumble. Diana Rattray

    Serve this incredible apple crumble dessert and be prepared to take a bow! With only 5 ingredients plus water and a dash of salt, it's the perfect dessert to make on a busy day. 

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    Apple Bundt Cake With Caramel Glaze
    Diana Rattray

     This moist apple cake is glazed with a wonderful caramel icing. Garnish the cake with chopped nuts or toasted coconut.

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    Hand Held Apple Pies
    Diana Rattray

     These single-serve pies are made with buttery pastry and a chopped apple filling. Use the homemade butter pastry or two refrigerated pastry sheets.

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    Apple Caramel Cake
    Photo: Diana Rattray

     This cake is as moist and delicious as its name implies. A hot caramel topping is poured over the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven. The cake is baked in a square baking pan, making it an excellent size for most families.

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    Apple Raisin Cookies
    Diana Rattray

     These old-fashioned sour cream drop cookies are filled with finely chopped apples and raisins. Ice the cookies or sprinkle cinnamon sugar over them.

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    apple cranberry cake
    Diana Rattray

     Fresh apples and cranberries get together in this wonderful, subtly spiced cake. Drizzle with the easy caramel sauce or top it with a cream cheese ​frosting.

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    apple cobbler
    Diana Rattray

     This apple cobbler is amazing served warm with ice cream. Or drizzle some sweet cream over it just before serving.

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    Easy Apple Cranberry Pie
    Diana Rattray

     Canned apple pie filling and whole berry cranberry sauce make this apple cranberry pie super easy to prepare. 

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    Baked Apple Pudding
    Diana Rattray

     The brown sugar syrup makes this cinnamon-spiced apple cake gooey and delicious.

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    Apple Bread Pudding With Apple Brandy Sauce
    Diana Rattray

     Cinnamon bread and Granny Smith apples team up in this yummy bread pudding. Add some dried cranberries or raisins, if you'd like.

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    Diana Rattray

     Granny Smith apples and Golden Delicious apples make the perfect balance of sweet and tart in this apple pie, and the cream cheese pastry makes it extra-special.

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    Apple Fritters
    Diana Rattray

     These apple fritters can be rolled in cinnamon sugar or dusted with powdered sugar. Drizzle some syrup over them and enjoy them as a dessert or breakfast fritter.

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    apple butter cupcakes
    Diana Rattray

     Purchased or  homemade apple butter adds apple flavor to these spiced cupcakes. 

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    Applesauce Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting
    Diana Rattray

     This moist applesauce cake is filled with raisins and chopped walnuts. The cream cheese frosting is the perfect finishing touch.