10 Intriguing Apricot Cocktails

Modern and Classic Drinks

Apricot Cocktails on Serving Tray
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Apricot is a fantastic flavor for mixed drinks. While it may not be the first fruit you think of in the bar, it does make an appearance in a number of impressive cocktail recipes. 

Apricot brandy is the most popular ingredient that uses this flavor. You'll also find apricot liqueur, apricot nectar, and, of course, fresh apricots. All of these can be used to create amazing drinks.

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    Apricot Sunray

    Hennessy Black Apricot Sunray Punch
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    When you're looking for a drink that celebrates the apricot like no other, this punch recipe is the one you need. It's made for party service and is packed with three different apricot ingredients.

    The Apricot Sunray is a brandy and Champagne fruit punch that's easy to mix up. You'll need an apricot liqueur and apricot nectar, as well as slices of fresh apricots. To complement all that apricot, you'll also want a few lemons and blood oranges.

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    Lita Grey Cocktail

    Peche's Lita Grey Cocktail - Austin, Texas
    Peche of Austin, Texas

    There are a few impressive apricot liqueurs available, and favorites include Bols, Orchard, and Marie Brizard Apry. When looking at bottle labels, you may notice some, like Bols, are categorized as brandies.

    This information comes in handy when you need to make a cocktail such as the Lita Grey cocktail. The recipe pairs gin and sloe gin with (a non-brandy) apricot liqueur and Champagne. It's quite lovely and the modern companion to the classic Charlie Chaplin Cocktail, which uses apricot brandy.

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    Autumnal Temptations

    Colleen Graham's Autumnal Temptations Mocktail
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    Apricot nectar is another great ingredient that every fruit drink lover should know. It's commonly found in the soda and juice section of grocery stores and comes in a pop-top can.

    The beauty of this sweet nectar is that it's non-alcoholic, so it can be used to make fantastic mocktails, such as Autumnal Temptations. They're a simple yet lively mix of apricot and agave nectars, grapefruit juice, and lavender soda.

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    Apricot Sour

    Apricot Sour Cocktail
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    Apricot brandy is the most used apricot ingredient in the bar, especially when it comes to classic cocktails. It may not be as popular as it once was, but there are still a number of brands available. You should be able to find at least one in any well-stocked liquor store.

    The ultimate drink for your apricot brandy? The Apricot Sour, of course. This simple, two-ingredient recipe is unforgettable. Just be sure to have plenty of sour mix on hand because it actually outpours the brandy.

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    Baltimore Bang

    Baltimore Bang Cocktail Recipe
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    Apricot brandy often plays backup to other distilled spirits rather than being the star, as it is in the apricot sour. The Baltimore Bang is a fine example of this trend in action.

    The recipe is a fruity twist on the classic whiskey sour. It pairs your favorite bourbon with apricot brandy, then adds lemon juice and sugar. You might have to play with the proportions as you switch whiskeys to find an ideal balance of sweet and sour. That's easy enough, though—and the experiments are part of the fun.

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    Apricot Pie Cocktail

    Apricot Pie Cocktail (aka Naked Lady Cocktail)

    The Spruce Eats

    Rum lovers are not left out when it comes to apricot drinks. It's a very versatile flavor and can be used in some rather intriguing mixes, as we see in the apricot pie.

    This recipe has a classic style. It begins with a base of rum and sweet vermouth, which are accented with the faintest hints of apricot brandy, grenadine, and lemon juice. Think of it as a rum martini with a delicate fruity sweetness. It's a great dinner drink.

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    Idonis Cocktail
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    When we say that apricot is versatile, it's very true, and it can work with nearly any other fruit you could think of. In the Idonis recipe, we find it in a tropical mix.

    This is also one of the easiest apricot cocktails you can shake up. The drink is a mix of apricot brandy, pineapple juice, and vodka. There's more vodka than anything else, so be sure to choose wisely and make it a good one. The result of this trio is a fruity vodka martini with a lovely zing and a hint of sweetness.

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    Millionaire Cocktail No. 1

    Millionaire Cocktail No.1
    S&C Design Studios

    It really is hard to beat the style of the classic cocktails. Many have been around for a century or more, and they continue to tantalize our taste buds. The Millionaire Cocktail No. 1 is one of those, and it holds a timeless taste.

    This recipe features a trio of liquors, and you'll fall in love with how they come together. You'll need sloe gin, apricot brandy, and rum. To be authentic, it should be Jamaican rum. Those are accented with dashes of grenadine and lime, and the result is magnificent.

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    Boston Cocktail

    The Classic Boston Cocktail
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    Apricot brandy also pairs very well with gin, and it's used in a number of old-fashioned martini-like cocktails. They're an intriguing blast from the past and often have a nice balance of dry and sweet flavors. 

    The Boston Cocktail is one of those recipes. Though it skips the vermouth used in drinks like the English Rose, it retains that dry-sweet-sour profile. It's a simple mix of equal parts gin and apricot brandy with hints of grenadine and lemon, and it's quite delightful.

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    Valencia Cocktail

    Valencia Cocktail
    Paul Poplis / Getty Images

    Here's an apricot cocktail for everyone who loves a morning mimosa. The best part may be that you don't have to worry about popping a bottle of Champagne for this drink.

    The Valencia Cocktail is a simple apricot brandy and orange juice drink accented with bitters. It's perfect for brunch and incredibly easy to mix up. If you'd like to add some sparkle, go for it. Even a splash of club soda will do, though it's really not necessary.