Arepas With Pulled Pork and Cilantro Garlic Mayonnaise

Arepas With Pulled Pork

 Fernando Fernandez Balina/Getty Images

  • Total: 20 mins
  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yield: 6 arepas (6 servings)

Thick Venezuelan-style arepas are stuffed with spicy South American-style pulled pork (easily prepared in the crockpot) and cilantro garlic mayonnaise. A great lunch or snack, arepas have a delicious corn flavor. Similar to a pupusa, they're perfect for stuffing with their crispy exterior and soft chewy interior.


Steps to Make It

  1. Stir the cilantro, lime juice, and garlic into the mayonnaise.

  2. Heat the arepas for a few minutes in a 350-degree oven, or warm them briefly in a skillet. 

  3. Heat the pulled pork in the microwave or on the stove.

  4. Split the arepas in half, in the same way you would split an English muffin, but do not slice all the way through—leave the two halves attached at one end. 

  5. Spread the inside of arepas with 2 teaspoons of the garlic mayonnaise.

  6. Fill each arepa with 2-3 tablespoons of the beef mixture.  

  7. Serve arepas warm.  Filled arepas can be wrapped in foil and chilled until ready to serve, then reheated in the oven (still wrapped in foil).

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