Arizona Local Foods

Guide to eating locally in Arizona

Eating locally in Arizona is a tasty proposition. Chiles, dates, and citrus all grow in abundance. Find great local food in Arizona with this guide to farmers markets, seasonal produce, food festivals, and more.

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    Arizona Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

    Green Chiles. Photo © Molly Watson

    From rich dates to insanely sweet oranges and wonderfully flavorful chiles, find what's in season when in Arizona.

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    Arizona Farmers Markets

    Romaine Lettuce Hearts. Photo © Molly Watson

    Find a farmers market that sells Arizona-grown produce (not to mention grass-fed beef, local honey, and other delights).

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    Arizona Favorites: Chiles

    Baked Chiles Rellenos. Photo © Molly Watson

    Chiles—whether fresh or dried—are an important part of both traditional and contemporary Arizona local eating. We have tons of info about chiles, including guides to fresh chiles and dried chiles, not to mention recipes for delicious baked chiles rellenos and cream of green chile soup, as well as simple instructions for how to roast and peel chiles.

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    Arizona Favorites: Dates

    Image of Fresh Dates
    Photo © Molly Watson

    Arizonans can remain starch locavores and eat dates, which is an enviable position to be in. There is even a town called Dateland, surrounded by 12 acres of date palm orchards, where every date dream you've ever had can come true.

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    Arizona Food Festivals

    Photo © Getty Images

    Check out these festivals to celebrate the ingredients and people making Arizona food unique.

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    More Arizona Local Foods

    Fruit Display at an outdoor farmer's market
    Brian Yarvin / Getty Images

    Arizona is filled with local eating delights, including JH Grass-Fed Beef, a family-owned ranch that sells its tasty wares at Phoenix-area farmers markets.