Arizona Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Find What's in Season in Arizona

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The Arizona growing season chugs along all year long. Mild winters allow for the harvest of cool weather crops and hot summers help make citrus sweet, chiles spicy and dates ripen.

Regional Variations in Arizona Local Foods

Exactly what is in season in Tuscon or Phoenix and Scottsdale or Flagstaff can differ greatly at any given time, of course, but this will give you a sense of what to expect. The cooler areas provide summer harvests to the warmer areas, while the warmer areas send food north in the winter.

The heat of the desert allows such delights as fresh dates to grow in the Copper State. Water and irrigation are issues in some areas, obviously, and will affect harvest times some seasons.

Making the Most of What Is in Season

Use this guide to see what to expect at farmers markets and farmstands, and when you may see local fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets. You can plan seasonal menus around what you can get locally in season.

These lists are also useful for planning when to do can, freeze, dry, or make preserves from fresh local fruit and vegetables.

Arizona Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable List

Find more fruits and vegetables with the ​national seasonal produce guide, and find more resources with this ​guide to Arizona local foods.

Apples, July through September

Apricots, May through June

Arugula, September through May

Asparagus, March, and April

Basil, August through November

Beets, November through May

Black-eyed peas, July through September

Blackberries, May and early June

Blueberries, June and early July

Bok Choy, October through March

Broccoli, October through March

Broccoli raab, December through March

Brussels sprouts, December through March

Cabbage, January through April

Carrots, October through May

Celeriac/celery root, January through April

Celery, January through April

Chiles, July through September

Clementines, December through March

Corn, June through October

Cucumbers, April through September

Dates, October and November

Figs, June through October

Garlic, February through July

Grapefruit, December through March

Grapes, July and August

Green beans, June through October

Green onion/scallions, October through March

Greens, December through May

Herbs, year-round

Key Limes, October and November

Kohlrabi, December through March

Leeks, December through July

Lemons, December through April

Lettuce, October through May

Melons, June through August

Nectarines, May through July

Okra, July through September

Onions, April through July

Oranges, December through March

Parsnips, December through March

Peaches, May through August

Pears, mid-August through September

Peas, April through June

Plums & Pluots, June through August

Potatoes, April through October

Pumpkins, August through November

Radishes, October through May

Radishes, July through October

Rutabagas, December through March

Shelling Beans, July through September

Spinach, October through May

Squash (summer), April through September

Squash (winter), August through November

Strawberries, February through April

Sweet Onions, April through June

Sweet Peppers, July through October

Sweet Potatoes, December through March

Tangerines, December through March

Tomatoes, May through November

Turnips, October through March

Zucchini, April through September

Zucchini Blossoms, March through September