Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams has been dairy-free for over 13 years, eight of which she has been vegan, and she has mastered the techniques of dairy-free substitutions in cooking and baking recipes.


Ashley Adams has worked in many fields of the dairy-free food and restaurant industry; from teaching vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free cooking workshops to working as a head cook, baker and recipe creator at several restaurants, she has constantly endeavored to contribute her knowledge of culinary techniques and nutrition with those around her. Additionally, she has contributed both articles and photography to various publications, including GOOD, Narrative, San Francisco Medicine, Anchorage Press, Anchorage Daily News, PDN, Tundra Telegraph, The Tundra Drums, Alaska Dispatch and the Kashi Journal.


Ashley holds a bachelor's degree in English from Ohio University and is working toward her PhD.

Ashley Adams

Food is more than just something that nourishes our bodies; it is a way that we connect and share love with one another. Just like the air that we breathe, the things that we learn and those that we meet, the food that we eat becomes a part of us. So eat well!

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