19 Asian Appetizers

Classic Spring Rolls

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    Crab Rangoon

    Crab Rangoon with Dipping sauce
    Getty Images/Roy Hsu

    One of the best-known Asian-inspired appetizers, this deep-fried snack features wonton wrappers filled with crabmeat and cream cheese. It's always a hit and an excellent option to serve at a party or just before dinner.

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    Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings

    Teriyaki Chicken Wings
    Getty Images / Lauri Patterson

    Wild about wings? This recipe consists of baked chicken wings that are coated in a hoisin sauce and honey marinade. They're finger-licking delicious on their own or served with your choice of rice or vegetable on the side.

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    Spareribs With Hoisin Sauce

    These spareribs can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen. Combine the ribs with the marinade and—when it comes time to cook—all you need to do is place them in the oven.

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    Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnut Appetizer

    Chopsticks with water chestnut
    Martin Sandberg / Getty Images

    This easy-to-make party dish tastes best with fresh water chestnuts, which can be found at your local Asian market. The secret to the simple appetizer lies in soaking the chestnuts in soy sauce and rolling them in brown sugar before baking.

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    Asian Lettuce Wraps

    Chinese lettuce chicken wraps
    Jen Voo Photography / Getty Images

    These delicious chicken lettuce wraps are seasoned with oyster sauce for an umami punch. They make a great appetizer and leftovers can be served for lunch the next day.

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    Egg Rolls

    Scallion Cream Cheese Egg Rolls
    Leah Maroney

    Egg rolls are the perfect party food. This recipe includes instructions for folding the wrapper.

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    Potstickers on a bamboo plate

     YinYang/E+/Getty Images

    Potstickers may look complicated, but don't be intimidated by the folding process—this recipe will carefully guide you through each step and also includes a soy and sesame dipping sauce. Feel free to substitute wonton wrappers for the dumpling dough if that's what you can find.

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    Five-Spice Nuts

    Jennifer Meier

    Peanuts are a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. In this recipe, the nuts are coated in a sweet-spicy mixture with corn syrup and five spice powder.

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    Chicken Wings With Oyster Sauce

    Teriyaki Wings, Slow Cooker
    Diana Rattray

    Here's another easy wings recipe, this time calling for a classic oyster sauce dressing. For this one, feel free to substitute dry sherry or rice vinegar for the rice wine.

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    Cantonese Spring Rolls With Pork and Shrimp

    Calvert Byam / Moment / Getty Images 

    For a delectable fried spring roll with the best of Cantonese flavors, try these spring rolls packed with shredded pork, shrimp, black mushrooms, and garlic chives.

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    Vegetarian Potstickers

     Lauri Patterson / Vetta / Getty Images

    Fear not, vegetarians! Many of the recipes on this list are easily adaptable to a meat-free diet. With tofu, bok choy, bamboo shoots, and other delicious fillings, these vegetarian potstickers will impress regardless of the dietary needs of your guests.

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    Honey Walnut Prawns

    Gary Soup / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    A favorite in Hong Kong, honey walnut prawns are typically an entree, but can easily double as a highly delicious party appetizer. The deep-fried shrimp is a perfect combo of sweet and savory and makes for excellent finger food.

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    Chinese Dry Garlic Spare Ribs

     SodanieChea / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    This Chinese-Canadian take on spareribs will leave you with sticky fingers and a full stomach. Boiled in water, then simmered in brown sugar, garlic, soy sauce, and mustard sauce, you won't want to skip out on the tasty little nuggest.

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    Thai Vegetarian or Pescetarian Spring Rolls

    Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

    For a recipe that's a little healthier than what you'd get in most restaurants, try these delicious spring rolls two different ways to suit whatever your guest's dietary preferences may be.