Top 6 Asian Pear Recipes

Asian Chinese pear recipes
Asian Chinese pear recipes. James Ross/Getty Images

Asian pears are also known as Pyrus pyrifolia, Chinese pear, Korean pear, Japanese pear, Taiwanese pear, and sand pear. There are many different kinds of Asian pears in the world.

Asian pears are refreshingly sweet, but they’re never too sweet and have a crunchy but crispy texture. They’re always also full of juice!

Many Chinese and Taiwanese people believe steamed or stewed pear is a special remedy for a sore throat and dry cough.

Below are some of the healthy benefits of pear according to Chinese medicine:

  • Asian pears can help your body to clear your lungs, moisten your skin, and improve the digestive system.
  • They can help to strengthen your immune system.
  • Asian pears can stop dry coughs.
  • They are very high in fiber, potassium, vitamin K, copper, and vitamin C.

Asian pears are found in the produce section of many local supermarkets and groceries. Here are several recipes featuring this popular fruit:

Steamed Asian Pears With Honey

Here is a nice way to pamper someone with a sore throat – juicy Asian pears are filled with honey and gently steamed. The recipe also calls for Chinese dates, available at Chinese/Asian markets, but you can substitute raisins, regular dates or jujubes.

In this recipe, Asian pears are filled with honey and Chinese dates and gently steamed. If Asian pears are unavailable, Bartlett pears can be used instead. Chinese red dates (紅棗) are also known as jujubes (strictly speaking, they are not a date at all). Their sweet flavor makes them a popular ingredient in Chinese dessert soups and congees, and in steamed foods. If unavailable, regular dates or raisins can be used instead. Of course, you can also leave them out altogether and simply steam the pears with honey.

Honey Ham With Asian Pears

This easy dish is one of the most popular ways to consume Asian pears. The distinctive sweet flavor and crunchy texture of Asian pears add a nice finishing touch to the steamed ham. This sweet and savory dish is popular in South-west China.

Asian Pears Poached in Plum Sauce

Sweet Asian Pears are poached in plum wine, in this recipe from popular Chinese chef Martin Yan.

Korean (Galbi) BBQ Marinade

Korean Food Expert Naomi Imatome-Yun uses an Asian pear in this delicious marinade for short ribs. The Asian pear brings a fruit freshness to the short ribs.

Asian Pear Vinaigrette: Sweet and Savory

This Asian twist on a vinaigrette features the Asian pear along with Asian seasonings such as sesame oil and rice vinegar.

Asian Apple Pear Crisp

Asian pears are crisp and light when eaten raw, but cook up beautifully in this Asian Pear Crisp. You can also add different spice, such as cardamom or cinnamon to give this delicious snack a kick.

Asian Pear Cake Recipe

Packed with diced pears and pecans, from Southern Food Expert Diana Rattray.