Asparagus Salad

Asparagus Salad

 The Spruce / Elaine Lemm

Prep: 7 mins
Cook: 8 mins
Total: 15 mins
Servings: 2 Servings

When spring shows its face after a long winter, there's so much to enjoy again, including fresh asparagus. You can buy imported asparagus year-round, but there is something exceptionally delicious about locally-grown spears.

Gather all of that springy goodness into a delicious asparagus salad, certain as the newly arrived sunshine to cheer you up. Asparagus meets broccolini and fresh peas all dressed with a tasty avocado citrus dressing and a little feta cheese for a touch of saltiness. It's quick and easy to make and delicious to eat.

Serve the salad as a side dish with roast chicken, grilled fish, or your favorite main dish. Or serve as a light lunch with a hunk of crusty bread.


  • For the Salad:
  • 8 ounces fresh thin asparagus spears
  • 8 ounces broccolini
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Kosher salt (to taste)
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen peas
  • 2 ounces finely crumbled feta cheese
  • For the Dressing:
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1/2 cup cilantro leaves
  • Kosher salt (to taste)

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. Use a sharp knife to slice off the woody ends of the asparagus and any tough parts on the broccolini stems. Place the trimmed veggies into a large bowl. Drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil and a light sprinkle of salt.

  3. Heat a griddle pan on the stove over medium heat. Add the asparagus and the broccolini and grill for 6 minutes, turning the vegetables frequently, to make sure they don't scorch. Once they are cooked through, but still firm, remove from the pan and leave to drain and cool on paper towels.

  4. Meanwhile, make the dressing. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the flesh into a food processor or blender. Add the sour cream, lime juice, cilantro, and a tiny pinch of salt. Blitz to create a silky dressing. If it feels thick or stiff, add a little water to loosen it.

  5. Cook your fresh or frozen peas by either steaming or dropping into lightly boiling water for a few minutes, taking care not to overcook—they should remain firm and bright green.

  6. To assemble the salad, pile the asparagus and broccolini into the center of the plate. Sprinkle with the peas and the crumbled feta. Drizzle the dressing on or around the salad or serve on the side.

Recipe Variations

  • Delicious as this salad is, feel free to switch out or add to it with some of your favorites such as fresh herbs, baby tomatoes, or finely-chopped cucumber.


  • If you want to make the dressing well ahead of time (up to 8 hours), blanch the whole avocado before you begin to stop it going brown.