Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes and Ideas

French Toast and Sausage Wraps
Diana Rattray

Getting kids to eat a healthy breakfast can be a next to impossible task. Depending on their ages and morning moods, we might be lucky to get a glass of instant breakfast drink into our kids before they're out the door. No matter what their ages, it can a real chore to lure kids to the breakfast table!

Kids going to school need breakfast but often balk at the thought of eating in their morning rush out the door.

Kids really want to do their best! Let your kids know why breakfast is important, and how it WILL make a difference in how they do in school. Ask them to take part in the grocery shopping or help with the shopping list.

Like adults, kids have different tastes, and they know what they like. Some kids like cold cereal, some like hot, while others turn up their nose at any cereal and choose a donut or muffin. Pre-made breakfast bars are another alternative, but be sure to check the labels for nutritional value and consider making your own.

Breakfast Preparation Tips

  • A breakfast casserole takes a little time to prepare but it can be done the evening before then refrigerated. Pop it in the oven in the morning for 45 minutes while everyone is getting ready and you have a quick and nutritious breakfast!
  • Set the breakfast table the night before, even if it's only for juice and cereal.
  • French toast is another quick and easy breakfast, and a sure kid-pleaser. Add a little cinnamon to the egg batter for variety. Cut into shapes for younger children.
  • Keep pancake or waffle batter in the refrigerator, ready to pour on the griddle.
  • If you like to bake, you might keep a supply of muffins in the freezer, ready to warm in the microwave.
  • Try making your own nutritious granola and granola bars, or healthy milk and cereal breakfast bars.
  • Quesadillas or breakfast burritos just might appeal to the "grab-it-and-run" types.
  • Pizza for breakfast? English muffin pizzas sprinkled with cheese and microwaved are a hit with most kids.
  • Almost anything can be sandwiched in a biscuit; scrambled eggs, sausage patty, a small chicken patty, or a slice of ham with cheese melted on top are just a few ideas.