Baking with Children

Most kids love cooking in the kitchen, especially when there are cookies involved! Besides feasting on yummy treats, they learn valuable skills and practice math and reading without even realizing it. Most importantly, you will make precious memories with every recipe you put together. 

Here are several recipes and tips for baking with children.

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    Basic Kitchen Rules

    Girls cooking in the kitchen

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    Before baking with your children or allowing them to bake without you, they should understand these basic kitchen rules. Feel free to add or detract from the list, but be sure to go over it with them. Post it on the refrigerator as a reminder.

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    Sugar Cookies

    Star cut out sugar cookies

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    Baking cookies is where I started my baking experience. This recipe is so good because it can accommodate any level baker. The youngest children can just decorate the unbaked or baked cookies. Older elementary school-aged kids can roll-out and cut the dough. Middle schoolers on up can handle the entire recipe.

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    Make Gelatin (Jell-O)

    Gelatin squares

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    Any aged child can use a cookie cutter to cut shapes out of the gelatin. Older children can make the entire recipe, just be careful of the boiling water and using the stove.

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    Basic White Bread Machine Bread


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    I just love the Bread Machine. If your child understands measurements, he or she can make bread in the bread machine. The only difficult part will be waiting for it to be done even on the fastest cycle.

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    Blueberry Muffins

    Blueberry Muffins Photo by Carroll Pellegrinelli
    Blueberry Muffins.

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    Blueberry Muffins are almost everyone's favorite muffins. All muffins and quick breads are fairly easy to make and can be made by an older child. The biggest tips I would have to offer is to be careful using the oven and don't over mix the batter. Browse more favorite muffin recipes.

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    Easy Brownies

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    Brownies have always been a crowd-pleaser. Just think how pleased your young teen will be after making this chocolate wonder.

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    Baking with Cake Mixes

    Carrot cake with a slice missing

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    I just think it's much easier to start baking cakes by beginning with a cake mix. There is less apprehension. Use this list to help them "jazz-up" a normal mix.

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    Marshmallow Creme Fudge

    Marshmallow Creme Fudge

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    Older children can make this stove-top confection. Just remind them that the fudge can get really hot. Be extra careful pouring it into a pan to harden.

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    If you've got someone old enough to begin using the stove, pancakes are a great way to start. Once they've mastered this classic recipe, they can branch out and try some other favorite pancake recipes.

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    Basic Biscuit Recipe

    Make Ahead Biscuits

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    Basic Biscuits recipes are also a great way to satisfy the baking needs and experiences of several age groups. The young ones can cut out the biscuits. The older elementary school-age ones can put them on the baking sheets. The older bakers can make the entire recipe and be in charge of the oven.