Basic Cake Decorating Videos

For All Levels of Cake Decorators

Are you new to cake decorating or a little rusty? These cake decorating videos can help almost anyone at any level of cake decorating. You'll be impressing your friends in no time!

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    How to Frost a Cake

    Man icing cake
    Dean Mitchell / Getty Images

    It's hard to decorate a cake without frosting or icing it first. Rachel Thebault shows you how to How to Frost a Cake in this video.

    More Basic Frosting Tips

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    Pastry Bag Decorating Tips

    Pastry bag icing
    nikki.albertyn / Twenty20

    A pastry bag and various tips are what you need to decorate most frosted cakes. Lisa Mansour offers several tricks and helpful Pastry Bag Decorating Tips in this video.

    The article Basic Cake Decoration - Part Two also includes the Decorators' Buttercream Icing Recipe and more on decorating tips. 

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    How to Decorate Cake Boarders

    Woman decorating whipped cream on cake
    sot / Getty Images

    If you only wanted to do one thing to decorate your cake, add cake boarders. It's a simple touch that adds a professional look. Rachel Thebault takes you through putting Cake Boarders around the top and bottom edges of the cake.

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    How to Write on Cakes with Frosting

    Writing on cake
    William Reavell (c) Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    Personalize your cake with words! Rachel Thebault offers some tips on how to Write on Cakes With Frosting.

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    How to Make Frosting Flowers and Roses

    Icing cake flowers
    John Keeble / Getty Images

    Now that you've practiced frosting, adding borders and writing, why not add a little more wow factor? Lisa Mansour shows How to Make Frosting Flowers and Roses in this video.

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    Covering a Cake in Fondant

    Covering cake in fondant
    Howard Shooter / Getty Images

    In the last few years, more and more people want their cakes decorated in fondant. Fondant allows for a very smooth cake surface, plus it can be very easy to decorate. This video from Lisa Mansour shows How to Cover a Cake in Fondant.

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    How to Stencil on Fondant

    Cake fondant stencil design
    Sheri Giblin / Getty Images

    Lisa Mansour makes this method of Stenciling on Fondant look very doable.