Basic Japanese Recipes

Are you cooking Japanese food for the first time? This is a list of basic Japanese recipes which are helpful to know.

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    Steamed Rice

    Steamed rice
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    Japanese rice is a short grain rice and they are basically boiled and steamed. You need to know some tips to cook Japanese rice properly.

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    Rice with tofu in tea
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    Dashi, Japanese soup stock, is used in many Japanese recipes. It's helpful to learn how to make any kind of dashi soup stock.

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    Miso Soup

    Food sample of miso soup
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    Miso soup is the most traditional soup in Japan. Tofu is a good ingredient for miso soup.

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    Sushi Rice

    Close-up of various sushi on cutting boards
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    If you learn to make good sushi rice, you can make good sushi.

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    Green lavers/Japanese rolled omelet
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    Japanese rolled omelet is called dashi-maki-tamago or tamago-yaki in Japanese. Tamagoyaki is good for breakfast or bento.

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    Cucumber and Wakame Seaweed Sunomono

    Ebi sunomono, elevated view
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    Sunomono is a kind of Japanese salad. Sunomono has a refreshing taste and it's often served as a side dish.

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    Teriyaki Sauce

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    You can make your own teriyaki sauce.

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    Tempura Batter

    Tempura Batter

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    You might want to cook tempura. Making tempura batter is really easy. Learn some tips.

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    Noodle Dipping Sauce

    Soba noodle lunch set.
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    It's convenient to know how to make noodle dipping sauce. Noodle dipping sauce can be used for simmering vegetables as well.