This Ultra-Popular Blender Makes Perfect Smoothies Every Time

The Beast Blender has been in your feeds for good reason

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beast blender review

The Spruce Eats / Amanda Lauren

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As a lifelong apartment-dweller, I’ve noticed most small kitchen appliances are not made for city kitchens. This is especially true for blenders. Most take up slightly less than one-quarter of my kitchen’s countertop space and my kitchen, while certainly not the size of a sprawling suburban one, isn’t really all that small. They have giant bases and super high pitchers that either hit the bottom of kitchen cabinets when left on the countertop or barely fit inside the cabinetry.

That’s why I absolutely love The Beast B10 Blender. It not only takes up a minimal amount of space wherever it’s kept, but it’s also so beautifully designed, you’ll want to leave it out on the counter.

What We Like
  • Takes up minimal space

  • Very stylish and modern-looking

  • 3 vessel sizes

  • Can be used in place of a food processor

What We Don't Like
  • On the loud side

I’m not an expert in the history of blenders, but overall nothing appears to have changed dramatically in terms of design since this invention was first patented in 1922. Most blenders have a base, a vessel or cup to hold liquid, an on/off switch, and setting buttons or a dial. While personal blenders (such as the one that sounds like a weapon) provide a better small-space solution than full-size blenders do, few have the sophisticated aesthetic that the Beast does.

The Beast Blender mid-smoothie

The Spruce Eats / Amanda Lauren

The Beast is surprisingly just as powerful as larger blenders. It impressively cuts through frozen, stuck-together fruit—think mango chunks—because the strong motor runs 18,000 reps per minute. It’s also designed not to overheat and can be used for liquids up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Add a 6-edged blade crafted from 301-grade stainless steel and you’ve got an appliance that genuinely lives up to its name. 

The Beast only has two modes: blend and pulse, which takes any guesswork out of the equation. While I have to run more than one cycle to make an entire smoothie—each cycle runs for one minute—I’d still have to run a larger blender just as long. The Beast is also on the loud side, but I’ve never used a blender that I found to be particularly quiet. Frankly, it’s an easy tradeoff for having a beautifully-designed countertop appliance that doesn't take up the space of a small car.

Frankly, it’s an easy tradeoff for having a beautifully-designed countertop appliance that doesn't take up the space of a small car.

That chic, minimalist design compliments most kitchens. The Pebble Grey and Cloud White models coordinate perfectly with the Carrara marble countertops that are so in style right now. The other color option is a very sleek and very modern black. Instead of a traditional pitcher, it has a BPA-free plastic cup with a fluted design and rubber grip that makes it easy to handle. 

Each blender includes the base, cup, storage lid, drinking lid, and carry cap. If you make smoothies and pour them into popsicle molds—which is what I mostly use my blender for—the drinking lid makes it much easier to pour without wasting any liquid or accidentally splashing fresh smoothie all over your countertop (or does that just happen to me?). The drinking lid is very useful to drink your smoothies straight out of the cup and store any leftovers in the fridge for later. You can even fit the compact cup inside the refrigerator door. 

There are a few sizes available, but I have the Beast Blender + Hydration System package, which includes a smaller 500-milliliter cup. It’s ideal for making things like pesto sauce and easily replaces a food processor—yet another reason why the Beast is ideal for those with smaller kitchens. This package also includes a water bottle with a cage for infusing fruit. It all made this upgrade worth the money.

The Beast Blender with fruit inside and fruit in a bowl in front of it

The Spruce Eats / Amanda Lauren

Power: 1000 watts | Maximum Capacity: 1 liter/33.8 ounces | Weight: 10 pounds | Warranty: 2 years

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