Beer Basics

A simple guide to the basics of beer. Learn about beer history, beer brewing, ingredients and the essential styles of beer every enthusiast should know.
Beer in a glass
Homebrewing Basics: What's the Original Gravity of Beer?
Beer assortment
International Bitterness Units (IBU)
Beer Brewing
The Definition of 'Krausen' in Beer Brewing
illustration looking at the difference between beer bottles and cans
Here's the Difference Between Beer Bottles and Cans
Rogue Chocolate Stout
Beer Adjuncts, Their Role and Brewing Variety
Pairing Beer and Chocolate
Killer bee dark honey ale
Is My Beer Vegan-Friendly?
A full pint beside growlers of fresh beer.
What Is a Beer Growler?
Hand pouring beer
Alcohol by Volume (ABV) in Beer
group of young people drinking during an early morning hike
When It's Okay to Drink a Beer Before Noon
Chili Beer
Brewing Beer With Chili Peppers
Mission St. Hefeweizen
What Is Bottle Conditioned Beer?
Beer can chicken
An Introduction to Cooking With Beer & Recipes!
glass of beer on a bar
What Did Ben Franklin Say About Beer?
Barley, Hops and Wheat for Brewing Beer
Is There a Most Important Ingredient in Beer?
Munich Breweries Oktoberfest Beer Tasting
How to Taste Beer
Craft beer flight
What's the Best Serving Temperature for Beer?
Glass of foaming beer
The Science Behind Beer Carbonation
What Is Beer Pasteurization?
Potosi Tangerine IPA
History of Beer Cans
Ripe summer hops good for making beer from.
Growing and Harvesting Hops for Homebrewing
Glasses of beer, full and empty
What Is That Stuff at the Bottom of My Beer Bottle?
A handful of malted barley used in beer making
What Is Malted Barley?
Beer bottles in cardboard box
Tips for Storing Beer to Keep It Fresher Longer
Woman pouring beers
Why Some Brewers Use Rice or Corn in Their Beer
Brewer checking mash sample at brewery in Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany
Proper Use of Strike Water for Beer Brewing
What Is a Pint of the Black Stuff?
Workers with tank of hot wort in brewery
What Is Wort in the Brewing Process?
Indian food paired with beer
How to Pair Good Beer With Good Food
craft beer
Best Craft Beer Clubs
Green beer
St. Patrick's Day Green Beer Recipe
Guinness Beer
What Is Guinness Beer?
Fresh and dried yeast
How Yeast Is Used in Cooking

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