Bento Lunch Box Dishes

It's good to avoid perishable food and liquidy food for bento. Here are some dishes for bento.

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    Tamagoyaki is Japanese rolled omelet. It's often served in Japanese-style breakfast and is the most popular bento food.

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    Rice balls are called onigiri in Japanese. Rice balls are usually shaped into rounds or triangles by hands. Onigiri are often put in Japanese bento lunch boxes.

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    Inarizushi is known as brown bag sushi. Sushi rice is packed in seasoned aburaage (fried tofu) pouches. Inarizushi is easy to eat, so it's often put in a bento lunch box.

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    Marinated and pan-fried chicken is easy to make and is a good bento food. Cut chicken into bite-size pieces before packing.

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    Pork slices are marinated in ginger-flavored sauce and stir-fried.

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    Rabbit-shaped apple pieces are often packed in bento boxes to please kids.

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    Braised gobo (burdock root) is a traditional side dish which goes with plain steamed rice.