7 Best Avocado Storage Solutions in 2022

Prevent your avocados from turning brown with these nifty tools

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Avocados can be used in a variety of ways, from adding to salads, spreading on toast, and mashing into guacamole, but we don't always eat the whole fruit at once and need to store half for later. However, the green flesh tends to turn black when exposed to air, and that means those pricy avocados become unappealing and often are tossed away. Luckily, a variety of avocado keepers can help save that perfectly fresh unused half from browning and bruising.

To help narrow down your choices, we've researched, tested, and found the best avocado storage solutions you can buy today.

Best Overall: Joie Avocado Fresh Saver Pod

Joie Avocado Fresh Saver Pod

 Courtesy of AMazon

Shaped like an avocado, this keeper not only helps to prevent browning, but it also prevents bruising since it completely encloses and protects the avocado while stored in the fridge. The avocado half is simply placed cut-side down in the container, minimizing the amount of air that reaches the avocado flesh, and then the lid is placed on top. Since the bottom surface is flat, the pit must be removed before storage.

Customers comment that the Saver Pod does the job well and is easy to open (unlike other fruit and vegetable storage by the same manufacturer). It is noted that the container is better for small to medium avocados as larger halves do not fit.

This BPA-free container is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. While it’s shaped like an avocado, there’s no reason you couldn’t use this for other foods that fit.

Best On-the-Go: Evriholder Avo Saver Avocado Holder

Evriholder Avo Saver Avocado Holder

Courtesy of Amazon

This avocado keeper looks like a funky sandal, and it works in a similar fashion, with a stretchy, adjustable strap that hugs the skin and holds the cut side of the avocado firmly against the keeper’s surface. The base has an indentation for the avocado pit to fit into, keeping the avocado snugly held in place while it rests in the refrigerator until you are ready to add it to the next meal. (It can also be used if the pit has been removed.) The Avo Saver was designed to make it easy to pack that avocado half in a lunchbox or cooler.

While users find that this avocado saver works well, customers report that the stretchy strap can wear and break after many uses. Sold as a set of two, this avocado holder is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is BPA-free.

Best Silicone: Food Huggers Avocado Huggers

Food Huggers Avocado Huggers

Courtesy of Amazon

There are a number of food huggers that are designed to stretch over the cut side of different-sized round-shaped fruits and vegetables, but these holders are designed specifically to fit over the odd-shaped half avocado. They even have a “pit pocket” that slips over the pit if it’s left in the cut avocado, or the pocket can be pushed into the hole in the avocado if the pit has been removed.

A women-owned small business, Food Huggers offers a variety of storage solutions for a range of fruits and vegetables as well as other foods and leftovers. The avocado huggers come as a set of two: one small and one to fit larger avocados. They are made entirely from silicone and are BPA-free; they are also dishwasher safe but are probably easier to wash by hand. Because they don't add any bulk, these avocado savers don't take up any space in the fridge.

Best Set: Progressive International Onion, Tomato, and Avocado Keeper Set

Progressive International Onion, Tomato, and Avocado Keeper Set

Courtesy of Amazon

This set of keepers for onion, tomato, and avocado are perfect for storing the vegetables that are left over after making a small batch of guacamole or salsa. They are shaped to fit the vegetables, cut-side down, with a lid that snaps on to keep the vegetables fresh.

These help keep the cut surface of the tomato and onion from drying out, and the totally closed container also helps keep the onion smell from scenting the refrigerator. The avocado keeper helps prevent oxidizing and protects the avocado from bumps and bruises during storage. Since the base is flat, the avocado needs to be stored with the pit removed.

These are are BPA-free, stackable, and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. While they’re designed to hold specific vegetables, there’s no reason you couldn’t use them to store other vegetables or even leftovers that fit.

Best Vacuum Sealer: FoodSaver Cordless Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer


Since air is the enemy of avocados, vacuum sealing makes a lot of sense. You could certainly use a vacuum sealing machine, but this handheld device is quiet, portable, easy to store, and affordable. It has a charging base, limiting messy cords, and the unit can seal up to 60-quart bags with one charge (24 hours).

In addition, with this sealer and the special zipper bags, once closed, you can open the bag, use some of the avocado, and reseal, saving any remaining slices or chunks for later.

This product comes with two reusable quart-sized bags and a docking station. If you already have a FoodSaver vacuum sealing machine, the bags can be used with that machine as well. Of course, this handheld device isn’t just for avocados and can be used for other fruits and vegetables, as well as deli meats, cheeses, and more.

Best Wrap: Bee's Wrap Sustainable Reusable Food Storage Variety Pack

Bee's Wrap Sustainable Reusable Food Storage Variety Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

Ideal for people who are trying to eliminate the use of plastics, these all-natural wraps can be used to store any kind of food, including those pesky avocados. The seven-piece set includes a range of sizes; the two smallest sheets with a honeycomb print are perfect for avocados. The set also includes two medium-sized sheets, two large sheets, and one very large sheet for wrapping a loaf of bread or covering a casserole. You can cut the larger sheets to suit your needs.

These handcrafted wraps made of cotton, beeswax, plant oil, and tree resin are sustainable, eco-friendly, and simple to use. The warmth of your hands softens the wrap and creates a seal to itself, then the sheets firm up again and hold their shape until you’re ready to unwrap. The wraps should be washed by hand with cool water and mild dish soap, then air-dried for the next use; with proper care they can last for up to a year.

Best for Guacamole: Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Courtesy of Amazon

Let’s face it, most avocados are used for guacamole, and that leftover guacamole is just as difficult—or possibly more difficult—to keep fresh. This container is designed to solve that problem as it presses all the air away from the guacamole to prevent browning.

Made from BPA-free plastic that’s shatterproof, odor-proof, and stain-resistant, the container can be used for other dips, salsas, sauces, and food storage as well as leftover guacamole. It can also be used for serving, so you can make the guacamole in advance and simply present it in the Guac-Lock base. It is also top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Final Verdict

The Joie Avocado Fresh Saver Pod (view at Amazon) takes the top spot since it fully protects your avocado from both browning and bruising. However, if you're looking for something more versatile you can't go wrong with the Progressive International Onion, Tomato, and Avocado Keeper Set (view at Amazon).

What to Look for in an Avocado Storage Solution

Ease of Use

Avocado sizes vary, so keep this in mind when picking an avocado keeper. If convenience is important to you, make sure to select an option that's dishwasher-safe.

Coverage and Seal

Aside from browning, avocados are also prone to getting bruises and bumps during storage. Try to find a solution that fully encases the avocado for ultimate protection. It should also be airtight to prevent the avocado from turning dark.


Your avocado storage solution doesn't have to be limited to only avocados. If you're looking to keep other fruits and veggies fresh, search for an option that will work for many foods.

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