Best Bacon of the Month Clubs of 2021

Satisfy your bacon cravings with these delicious deliveries

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Our Top Picks

All the bacon at the grocery store is pretty much the same: factory-farmed commodity pork, sliced to the same thickness, usually flavored with nothing more exciting than black pepper. But the world of bacon is so much bigger than that.

It's time to stop limiting yourself and let these bacon of the month clubs take you on an incredible journey. Whether it's a breed of pig you've never tried, a flavor combo you've never thought of, or a super thick slice you've never sunk your teeth into, there's so much bacon to discover month after month. Here are our picks for the very best bacon of the month clubs.

Best Overall: Pig of the Month BBQ

Pig of the Month BBQ

Pig of the Month BBQ

Why We Chose It: Pig of the Month offers a host of unique flavors that varies in each delivery.

What We Like
  • Huge variety of flavors

  • Free shipping on subscriptions over six months

What We Don't Like
  • On the expensive side

  • Sliced only, no slabs

If you want a grand tour of every imaginable flavor of bacon, then check out Pig of the Month BBQ's Bacon of the Month Club. This bacon subscription service delivers two different flavors of sliced bacon to your door every month. Pig of the Month has 25 distinct varieties, which means you can subscribe for an entire year without any repeat flavors.

Pig of the Month makes its own bacon at its Ohio facility. All of the pork is free-range and humanely raised by Midwestern farmers. The bacon contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and the only nitrates come from celery salt or juice. Pig of the Month's bacon is as diverse as they are inventive, with flavors like Everything Bagel Bacon, Korean BBQ Bacon, and White Truffle Sea Salt Bacon. And don't worry, the company makes plain bacon too.

Although boxes are delivered monthly, you must subscribe for three, six, nine, or 12 months, and then pay for the entire period upfront. The subscriptions cost about $130, $250, $350, and $440 respectively, with free shipping if you buy six months or more. If you want to see what you're getting into before committing, Pig of the Month offers a sample box for about $25 plus shipping.

Best Heritage Bacon: Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods

Why We Chose It: If you love the taste of heritage pork, Heritage Foods carries bacon from some of the best farmers in the game.

What We Like
  • Exclusively heritage pork

  • Respected artisan partners

What We Don't Like
  • Highest price per pound

  • Expensive shipping

Founded in 2001, Heritage Foods is a mail order and wholesale company dedicated to preserving ancient breeds of livestock endangered by modern factory farming practices. It partners with farmers who raise these animals in a manner that prioritizes sustainability, biodiversity, animal welfare, and culinary tradition.

Heritage Foods's partners focus on six heirloom breeds of pig: Large Black, Duroc, Berkshire, Tamworth, Gloucestershire Old Spots, and Red Wattle. Every box of bacon includes detailed information about the history of the breeds and the farms they came from.

This subscription isn't about a bunch of alternative bacon flavors. It's about quality and the subtle differences between the different kinds of pigs. To that end, Heritage Foods works with some of the country's top smokehouses, which expertly cure and smoke the bacon to bring out the best in each belly. These artisan partners include the likes of Edwards Virginia Smokehouse, The Fatted Calf, Colonel Bill Newsom's, Benton's, and others.

Each monthly bacon box costs about $60 plus shipping and includes three different 12- to 16-ounce packages of sliced heritage bacon. Subscriptions are month to month, so you can cancel anytime.

Best Slabs: The Baconarium

The Baconarium

The Baconarium

Why We Chose It: All of the Baconarium's bacon can be purchased by the slab, plus it carries wild boar bacon.

What We Like
  • Quarter, half, and full slabs available

  • Wild boar bacon

  • Reasonable shipping rates

What We Don't Like
  • Limited flavor options

Based in Virginia, The Baconarium makes all of its bacon in small batches by hand, using only pasture-raised pork, heritage pork, and wild-caught Russian Razorback boar. Each batch is made to order, so you know that the bacon you receive is always fresh.

The Baconarium sells its products in two ways: by the pound and by the slab. Both forms are available for subscription. Bacon sold by the pound arrives thick-sliced, while bacon sold by the slab comes in quarter, half, or full slabs—which vary in weight from 2 pounds to as much as 14 pounds. When you order by the slab, you get to slice your own bacon to suit your taste and the particular application, whether you want your bacon thin and crispy for breakfast or sliced extra thick for lardons, grilling, braising, or just to mix things up.

All three kinds of pork—pasture, heritage, and boar—come in three flavors, which change every couple of months. The varieties offered are maple black pepper, cayenne, and honey pepper. You can also choose whether to receive your bacon once a month, every other month, or every three months.

The Baconarium offers some of the lowest prices around. To get the best value, order by the full slab. That amount of pasture-raised bacon, for example, sells for only around $7 per pound, by far the best deal on this list. Shipping a full slab costs about $20, or roughly $2 more per pound, which is still a fantastic deal for such high-quality bacon.

Best for Pigging Out: North Country Smokehouse

North Country Smokehouse

North Country Smokehouse

Why We Chose It: Four pounds per month at a very reasonable price makes North Country's bacon club ideal for folks on a high bacon diet.

What We Like
  • Great prices

  • Quality pork

What We Don't Like
  • Limited flavor options

North Country Smokehouse really is from the north country, a rarity among bacon producers, who usually hail from the south or midwest. Based in New Hampshire, North Country was founded in 1912 and today is one of the few remaining family-owned smokehouses in the United States. A member of the American Humane's animal welfare program, North Country Smokehouse sources all of its pork from duBreton, a leading provider of certified humane and organic pork.

North Country's bacon has some serious pedigree, holding the distinction of house purveyor for the James Beard Institute in New York City and garnering high praise from Men's Journal and Food and Wine magazine. Customers agree. One reviewer put it this way: "I have RAVED about this bacon to anyone that would listen. If you're looking for a delicious, flavorful, smoky piece of bacon, this is the bacon you're looking for! 5 stars are not enough!"

If your fridge is always stocked with bacon, North Country's Bacon of the Month club is for you. The company ships a full 4 pounds to subscribers each month, enough for more than 2 ounces of bacon every single day. That's a lot of BLTs.

North Country makes four different flavors of bacon for the club: applewood smoked, applewood smoked peppered, fruitwood smoked uncured, and cob smoked. You can mix and match them as you like. Subscriptions can be purchased for either six or 12 months, with payment due upfront. A six-month subscription is about $280. A year costs roughly $540. Shipping is extra.

Best Artisan Bacon: Bacon Swinery

The Bacon Swinery

The Bacon Swinery 

Why We Chose It: Bacon Swinery has quality ingredients, creative flavors, and thick slices.

What We Like
  • Lots of interesting flavors

  • You can focus on sweet, savory, or spicy bacon

  • Free shipping

What We Don't Like
  • Only thick-sliced bacon is available

The name Bacon Swinery is a reference to wine, or, more accurately, to the culture of connoisseurship that fine wine and spirits tend to inspire. Indeed, of the Swinery's nearly 20 flavors of artisan bacon, four are based on well-known cocktails.

Bacon Swinery focuses on curating a quixotic menu of unusual flavors, like Dark and Stormy Rum Bacon, Apple Pie Bacon, Bacon Al Pastor, Pumpkin Pie Bacon, Spicy Margarita Bacon, Wasabi and Soy Sauce Bacon, and many more. There are so many flavors that the Bacon of the Month Club allows you to choose between a sweet, savory, or spicy monthly box. If you can't choose, the Swinery folks will surprise you with different selections every month.

The Bacon of the Month Club includes a mix of four, 10-ounce bricks of thick-sliced bacon, shipped monthly or bi-monthly. Each box costs about $40, with a 5% discount applied to your subscription after the first month. The club is pay-as-you-go, and you can cancel anytime. Shipping is free.

Best Uncured Bacon: Grandad's Bacon

Grandad's Bacon

Grandad's Bacon 

Why We Chose It: Grandad's uses no preservatives or artificial ingredients in its natural, handmade bacon.

What We Like
  • No added nitrates or nitrites

  • Low monthly cost

What We Don't Like
  • Only 1 pound per month

  • Shipping costs almost as much as the bacon

Grandad's Bacon boasts an idiosyncratic story. The company is the passion project of a retired research and development chemical engineer with a taste for international cuisine, craft beer, organic vegetables, and, of course, bacon.

Upon retiring from his day job of over three decades, the nameless Grandad headed straight to Italy to study old world methods of charcuterie. From there he went to Iowa, where Iowa State University runs a state of the art meat laboratory, pioneering modern methods of meat production.

Thus versed in the full spectrum of meat manufacturing techniques, Grandad made his choice: to make his bacon the old-fashioned way, one slab at a time. After a couple of years of painstaking R&D, Grandad's Bacon was born.

Grandad's boasts six flavors: Spicy Pepper and Garlic, Bourbon BBQ, Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar, Espresso, Hot and Spicy, and Stout Beer. The first three flavors are available in both American and British Cut. British Cut bacon comes from a slightly different region of the pig, with a higher ratio of lean to fat. According to Grandad, it's the perfect cut for BLTs.

Grandad's Bacon of the Month Club ships out two, 8-ounce packages each month. Sign up for three, six, or 12 months and pay as you go. Each month costs roughly $20, plus shipping.

Best for Serious Cooks: The Baconer

The Baconer

The Baconer

Why We Chose It: If you like to think outside the slice, The Baconer has lardons, bacon steaks, and even ground bacon.

What We Like
  • Only club with ground bacon and lardons

  • Humanely raised pork

  • They offset their carbon emissions

What We Don't Like
  • Only two flavors

If you're a serious cook, you probably use bacon in many different ways. Bacon is a versatile ingredient and can function almost like a seasoning. The Baconer knows this, and that's why it offers bacon in so many different forms. This company is the only producer on our list that sells ground bacon, which makes an incredible addition to burger blends, meatloaf, meatballs, and so much more.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, The Baconer is led by husband and wife team Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis. The couple sources all of its pork bellies from Carlton Farms, which partners with a small number of family-owned farms that raise their pigs according to Carlton's high standards of quality and animal welfare. Pigs are fed a non-GMO vegetarian diet, have room to roam, and are never given hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics.

All of The Baconer's products are available on a subscription basis. For a mix of everything it offers, check out the Bacon Lover's Box, which includes its thick-sliced, small-batch bacon, its half-inch thick bacon steaks, smoked lardons, and the ground bacon, totaling nearly 4 pounds of the good stuff. The box sells for around $80 plus shipping, but you save 15% on your first order. If you don't need that much bacon every month, you can receive a box every two, three, or four months instead. All subscriptions are pay-as-you-go, and you can cancel anytime.

Final Verdict

With so many options for Bacon of the Month Clubs, it can be tough to choose. It's amazing that a simple product like bacon can inspire such a wide range of unique services, and with varying prices and quantities, the choice becomes overwhelming. If all you know is that you want to keep the bacon coming, we recommend Pig of the Month, our choice for the Best Overall Bacon of the Month Club. Two pounds a month is neither too much nor too little, with so many flavors you'll never get bored, and a six-month (or longer) subscription comes with free shipping, which will save you a bundle.

What Is Bacon?

Bacon comes from the belly of the pig. The meat is cured—usually with salt, sugar, spices, and pink curing salt—and then cold smoked. Flavor profiles vary widely, from salty to sweet, savory, and spicy.

What Is a Bacon of the Month Club?

A bacon of the month club is a bacon subscription service. Shipments usually arrive monthly, but sometimes are available every two months or even quarterly. These services typically offer specialty bacons not found in grocery stores.

How Much Do Bacon of the Month Clubs Cost?

Costs are all over the map, depending on the quantity and sourcing of the bacon. Generally, though, you should expect to pay at least $15 per pound, plus shipping.

How We Chose the Best Bacon of the Month Clubs

We evaluated dozens of Bacon of the Month Clubs to find the best, most intriguing services to satisfy your bacon craving. We weighed each service's offerings, methods, animal welfare standards, prices, and customer reviews. And because convenience matters, we wanted services with easy-to-navigate sites and plenty of information about their pricing, plans, packaging, and shipping.

The companies on this list cater to die-hard bacon lovers. Whether you're into unique flavors from producers like Pig of the Month or Bacon Swinery; rare breeds of pork from folks like Heritage; bacon by the slab from a service like The Baconarium; or you simply need a steady supply at a great price from an outfit like North Country Smokehouse, there's a service here for you.

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