Elite Baking Subscription Boxes to Know in 2021

Get the ingredients to make your favorite treats sent right to your doorstep.

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Our Top Picks

Best for Budget: Whisk Takers

"Each Whisk Takers kit comes with step-by-step recipes and pre-measured ingredients."

Best for Elegant Desserts: Whisk & Flour

"Whisk & Flour offers monthly baking kits with seasonal and artisanal ingredients for those who want an experience beyond the norm."

Best for New Bakers: Bake Eat Love

"There is a bonus item to complement each recipe received by Bake Eat Love so that over time you will have a full set of baking essentials."

Best for Bread Baking: Breadista

"Breadista kits include ingredients to make a variety of German-style bread, buns, and pretzels."

Best for Cookies: Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

"Complete with step-by-step instructions and additional recipe items, each kit gets you one step closer to freshly baked cookies."

Best for Dessert Lovers: Red Velvet NYC

"Red Velvet NYC subscriptions come with not one but two dessert kits delivered on the first Thursday of each month."

Best for Budget: Whisk Takers

Whisk Takers

Whisk Takers

Whisk Takers offers a seamless baking experience brought to your door without the hassle of searching for recipes, shopping for ingredients, or storing leftovers of excess and unused ingredients.

Pricing starts at $20 a month, with three- and six-month prepay options offering an additional discount. When you subscribe, you can choose from themed subscription kits that include Chocolate Lovers, Nut Lovers, Vegan Lovers, Gluten-Free Lovers, Nut-Free Lovers, or a Surprise Me box that comes with random goodies. Bakers need not subscribe either, as a la carte boxes are also available for additional or one-time orders.

Recipes will vary, but examples include decadent S’mores Brownies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Peanut Butter & Maple Cookies, and the bestselling Grandpa’s Pistachio Cake.

Each kit comes with step-by-step recipes and pre-measured ingredients. Recipes are designed for baking from scratch and are simple enough for bakers of all skill levels and ages to lend a helping hand.

Those with nut allergies should note that the Nut-Free Lovers box refers to the recipe itself and not the facility that processes the ingredients, so it is primarily for those who do not like nuts, not those with allergies.

Have pets and want to include them in the fun? Whisk Takers offers DIY dog treat baking kits made with organic, oat-based, gluten-free ingredients, and no added chemicals. The dog treat box comes with chicken or beef powder, rolled oats, pink salt, turmeric, and an extra doggie bone cutter to make your dog treats look as good as the store-bought version (but with a homemade taste!).

Best for Elegant Desserts: Whisk & Flour

Whisk & Flour

Whisk & Flour

Whisk & Flour offers monthly baking kits that often feature seasonal and artisanal ingredients for those who want a baking experience beyond cookies and brownies. Traditional recipes frequently come with a twist, like animal cookies using matcha green tea powder, pound cake made with butternut squash, shortbread made with poppy seed filling, or mini pies made with sweet and spicy jam.

You can expect themed seasonal treats such as a DIY gingerbread house kit, Halloween candy corn popcorn balls, and homemade peeps for Easter around the holidays.

All dry ingredients are delivered in environmentally-friendly packaging and come pre-measured along with a recipe card, additional info about the recipe, featured artisanal ingredients, and easy-to-follow pictures. Occasionally, boxes may even include baking tools as a bonus. Essential perishable and wet ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk are up to you to purchase.

Automatically renewable subscriptions are available after various monthly opt-ins at one, three, six, or 12 months. Boxes cost around $28 per month and come with enough ingredients to make about 10 to 15 servings. Shipping is free, and monthly deliveries go out on the 15th of every month.

Please note: There is currently a waitlist, but sign up here to make sure you are the first to know when subscriptions become available.

Best for New Bakers: Bake Eat Love

Bake Eat Love

Bake Eat Love

Bake Eat Love offers seasonal monthly subscription boxes to make delicious homemade desserts, teach you new skills, and excite your palate with unique flavors and combinations.

Boxes come with pre-measured dry ingredients for 12 to 20 individual treats as well as small baking accessories you may need, such as baking cups, piping bags, and decorations. There is a bonus item in every box to complement the recipe, like spatulas, piping tips, and thermometers. That means that over time you will have a full set of baking essentials, making this subscription ideal for new bakers who don’t already have a lot of tools.

Having trouble nailing your recipes? The recipe card included will show pictures of the baking process at critical points so you can compare your version to Bake Eat Love’s. For additional instruction and guidance, you can go online to access videos and useful recipe tips, so you have an opportunity to build skills and gain a broader understanding of the instruction and baking as a process.

Boxes include inventive treats like lemon meringue cupcakes, red white & blueberry swirl tartlets, and chocolate blackberry mouse trifles.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email in advance to let you know what you will be making and any perishable ingredients or tools you need to supply on your own. At around $38 per month, this is a little pricier than other options, but the price goes down to about $32 a month if you sign up for the three- or six-month prepaid subscription.

Best for Bread Baking: Breadista



Founded by a native German who wanted to bring German bread-making traditions to the United States, Breadista offers a monthly subscription for bread baking at home. Kits include ingredients to make a variety of German-style bread, buns, and pretzels.

Kits come with a 24-ounce baking mix to yield over two pounds of bread or the equivalent in single-serving items such as rolls, equaling about ten each.

Ingredients are pre-measured and, whenever possible, organic. The high-quality flours are never enriched, bleached, or over-processed, and are sourced from a traditional mill on the West Coast. Necessary add-ons are either just water or occasionally perishable dairy products, depending on the recipe.

Kits come with a pictured recipe card, giving bakers a helpful cheat sheet. The best part? Boxes always come with a delicious spread of ingredients like jam, caramel, or olive oil (from a local artisan) to pair with the bread. There are also useful kitchen baking tools such as oven thermometers or dough scrapers.

Subscribers can choose between one-, three-, or six-month subscriptions and can cancel at any time. Subscriptions start at $42 a month.

For an added benefit, with each purchase of a Breadista box, one meal is donated to Feeding America, a charitable organization designed for stocking food banks and ending hunger.

Best for Cookies: Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is here to meet your needs for those of you who can’t get enough cookies in your life. Each month, you can receive a baking box filled with ingredients—freshly packed and vacuum-sealed—to make a fresh and unique cookie.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and additional items for the recipe, your kit will get you one step closer to eating delicious fresh baked cookies right out of the oven. Choose from four subscription options that start at $35 and go up depending on factors like cookie size you chose and options for boxes with surprise offerings. Another bonus is that your first box comes with a custom-made silicone baking mat, a handy tool for all your future cookie baking.

Each kit makes at least two dozen cookies with quality ingredients as a top priority—preference is given to organic, all-natural, and local ingredients when available.

What kind of cookies will you be making? These aren’t your usual chocolate chip and sugar cookies—expect to try unique flavor combinations such as S’more cookies, Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches, Brown Butter Snickerdoodle, or sweet and salty combos like Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip.

If you have a favorite cookie or two and want to remake them, all cookie mixes will be available for separate purchase in the online shop after their release.

Best for Dessert Lovers: Red Velvet NYC

Red Velvet NYC

Red Velvet NYC 

Red Velvet NYC subscriptions come with not one but two dessert kits delivered on the first Thursday of each month. All kits come with pre-measured ingredients, and unlike the majority of other baking subscriptions, this one includes all perishable ingredients (except eggs).

Ingredients are packed in a thermal-lined bag with cold gel packs that are designed for reuse. Instead of recipe cards, recipes are found online with a brief description of the dessert, skill level, detailed information on prep and bake time, what additional equipment you will need to make the dessert, and photos of key steps in the baking process.

Treats are inspired by New York City's eclectic and varied culture and include recipes such as Matcha Swirl Cookies, Crème Caramel, Lavender Vanilla Bean Cupcakes, and Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies. Though kits are not allergen-free, there are gluten-free options available.

Boxes with the two desserts are delivered the first Thursday of each month for about $50, an approximately 30 percent discount off of pricing for a la carte dessert kits. Despite the “NYC” in its name, Red Velvet NYC delivers nationally to the continental U.S. via FedEx express.


What Is a Baking Subscription Box?

A baking subscription box delivers everything you’ll need to bake a variety of fresh-baked foods including step-by-step directions along with pre-measured dry ingredients. Each company provides different recipes for various food preferences and skill levels.

Do Baking Subscription Boxes Require Refrigeration?

Most boxes do not require refrigeration as the ingredients are shelf-stable ingredients such as flour, nuts, and sugar. You’ll need to have perishable items such as butter, milk, or eggs on hand. However, companies such as Red Velvet NYC do include perishable items—packed with a gel pack to keep them cool—such as butter, but you still provide the eggs for the recipe.

What Is Included in a Baking Subscription Box?

The box contains information about the particular recipe, a recipe card with instructions, plus the ingredients to bake the recipe.

What Supplies Do I Need on Hand for a Baking Subscription Box?

Each company lists the additional items you’ll need on hand, from perishable food items to cooking utensils. Some, such as Whisk & Flour and Bake Eat Love include a surprise baking accessory to complement the recipe. Red Velvet NYC gives you a chance to purchase any accessories you may need before shipping.

How We Chose the Best Baking Subscription Boxes

Baking subscriptions were selected in large part by their diversification of the type of baked goods offered, skill level, cost, and monthly variety.

Other factors considered were the extent of educational tutorials available online or provided in the box, so that recipes could be made with any level of skill. It was important that people with a range of baking experiences could create an excellent finished product, while learning more about their craft along the way.

We also gave points for the presentation and quality of ingredients, and whether or not they were health- and allergy-conscious.

We also wanted to showcase services with rarefied styles like Breadista and Whisk and Flour, so that customers wouldn't just be receiving typical treats every month, but could also diversify their skill set and palates.

Both positive and negative customer reviews and satisfaction were also considered.

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