The 8 Best Beer Glasses to Buy in 2018

The perfect match to your favorite brew

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Before microbrews became popular, it was pretty simple to select a glass to pour beer into. Mostly the criteria was that the entire contents of the bottle or can would fit into the glass. Today, there are beer glasses for almost every category of beer, from the palest to the darkest and from the hoppiest to the maltiest. Much like wine glasses, the shape of the glasses help bring out the best in the beers, whether it’s to enhance carbonation or to bring the scent to your nose more prominently. Do you need every shape? Probably not. But if you, your family, and your friends favor certain styles of beer, why not pick up a few glasses for those beers? If you enjoy hosting parties that might involve beer tastings, you might need just a few more glasses. On the other hand, if you love one style, why not get that one special glass, just for you?

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    Best Overall: ARC International Luminarc Pub Beer Glass (Set of 4)

    If you wander into your local pub, chances are they won’t have a huge variety of glasses for their beers, unless that’s their specialty. Instead, you’ll find sturdy glasses like these, that look good holding light, dark, or medium beers. The shape is clean, classic, and not at all fussy, so you can adopt these as your everyday glassware for everything from beer to cocktails to juice to water to milkshakes. The set includes four glasses, so you’ll have enough for the family. Made to stand up to daily use, these glasses are dishwasher safe, so they’ll always be ready for the next meal or the next cocktail.

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    Best for IPA: PA Beer Glass (Set of 4)

    India Pale Ales are light in color and heavy on hops flavor, and they’re very trendy these days, with offerings from large and small brewers. This glass is the perfect tall, thin shape that shows off the light color and the carbonation. The glass has a nucleated hops symbol at the bottom of the glass that promotes the formation of bubbles in the beer, enhancing the carbonated effect. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but this glass would also enhance the carbonation in any bubbly drink, from soda to fizzy water to bubbly wine. The prominent ridges give you a secure hand-hold and add a design element that makes this glass different from the rest. For easy cleaning, these glasses are dishwasher safe. This is a set of four glasses, holding 16 ounces each.

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    Best for Stout: Spiegelau Stout Craft Beer Glasses (Set of 4)

    Stouts and porters are on the opposite end of the spectrum from IPAs. With a dense dark color and malt flavor prominent with hops less present, these rich beers deserve a glass of their own. This set of four glasses holds 21 ounces each, which leaves plenty of room for a creamy head on top of the beer. This glass was designed with input from US brewers and made in Germany to show off the beer in its best light and is made from ​a lead-free crystal that looks good in the china cabinet and even better when it’s filled with a dark, malty stout. When the beer is gone, these are dishwasher safe, for simple cleanup.

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    Best Set: Libbey Craft Brews 6-piece Assorted Beer Drinkware Glass Set

    Sure, this would be a great gift for someone who is exploring different styles of beer, but it would also be fun in your own kitchen, or you can buy a few sets for parties. This set of six glasses includes one 15 1/4-ounce classic pilsner glass, one 20-ounce English pub glass, one 16.6-ounce Belgian ale glass, one 14 3/4-ounce porter and stout glass, one 23-ounce wheat beer glass, and one 20-ounce craft pub glass. When you’re not serving beers, these would also make fun glasses for family meals, where everyone could pick their favorite shape for water, juice, or soda. When dinner is over, you can toss them right into the dishwasher with the plates and spoons.

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    Best for Pilsner: Waterford Vintage Pilsner (Set of 4)

    When you think of Waterford crystal, your first impression might be fancy wine glasses in a vast array of shapes, but they also make glasses for many different beer styles. This pilsner glass has a vintage look with modern manufacturing. Made from lead-free crystal, this will look stunning on your table while the minimalist design will pair well with any dishes or flatware you own. These glasses are made in Germany and hold 25 ounces, so there’s plenty of space for a generous pour of beer and an impressive head. This set of four comes in a gift box, just in case you won’t be keeping them for yourself. They should be washed by hand.

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    Best for Belgian Ale: Libbey Stemmed Tulip Belgian Style Beer Glass (Set of 4)

    Belgian ales are not a single distinctive beer. Instead, they range from light to medium in color, with some even darker. The malt/hops balance can vary widely, and the body generally ranges from light to medium. Lambics are yet another style of Belgian beer, distinctive because they’re made from wild yeasts. Even though Belgian ales can’t be fit into a neat description, it doesn’t mean you can’t pour them into a special glass. These tulip-shaped glasses hold 16-ounces each and have short stems that give them an elegant and somewhat old-style appearance that’s perfect for a beer that’s got a long history. Despite their elegant appearance, these glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe, and they’re even freezer safe. This set of four glasses also includes four cork coasters to protect your table.

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    Best Stein: 1 Liter HB "Hofbrauhaus Munchen" Dimpled Glass Beer Stein

    If you’ve been to Munich during Oktoberfest, you might have seen beer steins just like these. They have the traditional HB logo with “Hofbrauhaus Munchen” below it. If you’ve never been to Munich or Oktoberfest, these steins will still look good holding your beer, and you can brag to your friends that the stein was made in Germany. The dimpled design adds to the appeal and the sturdy handle makes it easy to hold the mug, even though it weighs in at just under three pounds. The glass holds one liter, so you’ve got plenty of space for an ample serving of beer along with a proper frothy head. The glass is dishwasher safe, but the foil logo may fade with continued dishwasher use, so if the logo is important, it’s best to hand wash this mug.

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    Best Tasting Glasses: Anchor Hocking Barbary 5 Ounce Beer Tasting Glass

    If you’ve ever been to a microbrewery that serves flights of beers, you know that the servings come in small glasses. If you want to replicate that experience at home, serving beer samples to friends, this set of 12 glasses is just what you need. Each glass holds five ounces, so you can divide a 12-ounce beer between three or four glasses for tasting portions. These glasses have a thick bottom that makes them feel substantial​ and an attractive shape. When you’re not doing at-home beer tastings, they’d make nice juice glasses, and when serving is done, you can toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.